I am a late 30′s and aging female who has always had questions about God, Christianity and more recently singlehood. I do identify as a Christian but do not always feel worthy of that title. I have always enjoyed writing and this is a great way to share my unedited and sometime non-mainstream single Christian views of life.  So, welcome, enjoy, and make comments.

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Contact HarleyQ2 at: CCJourney64 @ yahoo.com Feel free to drop me line to let me know: -Your thoughts about the posts
-Any suggestions for future topics
-Any questions or advice
-Interests in guest blogging on being Christian and Single

9 comments on “About

  1. I have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!!! You can go to my new post for the rules on it.

  2. Honestly i think what you say is great. So far i haven’t seen any fault in your reasoning and i wish i knew a woman like you. I share your views on quite a few things, wether you think they are “politically or religiously correct” or not. And i must admit your views on sex and being a christian at the same time are refreshing.

    • Thanks Jacob

  3. Thanks for a great site that asks tough, but honest questions! Keep them coming!

    • You are welcome Greg.

  4. Hello, I think your blog is outstanding. I came across it as I was surfing the net regarding Christian virginity. Your thoughts are very intelligent and I can relate to a lot of what you write about regarding singleness, sex, church, masturbation, etc. By the way, I am 28 and in Arizona too. I truly hope to hear from you =)


    • Nick, welcome. I appreciate you reading my sometimes unpopular view of single christian life. I figured that I would write about things no one speaks about except with close friends. Feel free to leave your opinions.

  5. i am curious what State you’re from regarding adoption and all.

    • I am in Arizona

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