Cheating Husbands and Tell All Mistresses

  In the fashion industry, when a new colour or design is introduced then people compare it to the staple of the ‘little black dress’ or ‘the new black’ and this indicates that a certain thing is now the norm. So, if you follow the the headlines on the magazine racks or popular websites, then you will understand that cheating husbands and tell all mistresses are ‘the new black.’  It may just be me but I am starting to see a trend in which relationships just do not last anymore and the worth of marriage is probably less than a garden variety rock or is it just hollywood?. I am sure people may argue that it is just the surreal life of hollywood; however, the things we see on tv, unrealistic or not, influences the society.  When people first make careless choices in partners,  then quickly abandon the relationships or break the marriage vows, and the public is constantly bombarded by this, it will inevitably have a negative effect on the state of the family.
  The latest couples to be the victim of a demised cheating relationship includes Tiger Woods, Sandra Bullock and John Edwards. What makes these couples special are the mistresses. Call me old fashioned but there was a time when being an interloper was a shameful position and no man or woman (especially woman) wanted to be known as the homewrecker. However, in this day and age the mistresses are the ones creating headlines, signing book deals, airing their tell all dirty laundry and making lots of money from their dispeccable behaviors. Today’s generation is starting to believe that marriages are a thing of the past because the excuse ‘marriages don’t last so why bother’ and there is also the famous quote by women ‘all men cheat.’
  A morning radio host, after hearing the Sandra Bullock story, asked the listening audience if they believe men were wired to cheat. I did not follow up to hear what the listeners thought but I know my beliefs and that is men are NOT wired/designed/created/ or have any genetic or prehistoric predisposition to cheat. I believe that cheating is a choice. That choice to cheat started the moment the man (or woman) thinks there is something out there that is better than what he has at home. The mistresses also make things easy for these men. Unfortunately, there will always be women who are willing to have sex with married men and some women seem to have an appetite for the taken. I am sure there are good, quality and responsible men who have never cheated on their wives and those who have resisted the urge. It would be a welcome change to actually hightlight the marriages that do work but unfortunately, the headlines are always filled with the ones who are weak and choose not to control their lust.


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