Loneliness Overdone

    I was at work in my office and I overheard two coworkers talking about loneliness. One lady who is a close collegue of mine had told her story so many times to the point I became annoyed to hear it again. The problem is not that she is able to express her feelings and frustrations of being lonely but that it is now  becoming whining. If you are a single individual with or without children, you can understand that feeling; however, when does it move from self expression to self pity?
  Our office is disproportionately filled with women and the majority are single. Unfortunately for my ears, she is not the first woman in the office to show desperation in trying to cure the disease of loneliness. One lady was a serial internet dater who would call every new guy her boyfriend. The issue is the relationships usually lasted the most 3-4 months. The other woman just did not know what to do with herself without a boyfriend (and sex) so as soon as her 1yr relationship ended she immediately found someone else in less than a month and proclaimed that she always liked him. On the personal side, my previous date was also in the pursuit of curing his ailment and he too was a serial dater (found out after I said goodbye) and his overly needy personality (found that out very early) was an instant turn off. He brought up marriage before I could pronounce his last name.
   Feeling lonely usually comes with singledom and this is just a nasty part of our lives that we have to deal with whether we like it or not. It happens if you are a home body or someone social and outgoing. The issue is recognizing that it is a normal feeling but please for the love of all that is good shut up with the whining!

One thought on “Loneliness Overdone

  1. I can dig it! I know the feeling of being alone. I have a secret though- many times people feel alone because they are. Yes, God is there but not a physical manifestation of what you want. The women are talking because in actuality they are whining their trying to figure out what’s really going on. I would ask them about the deeper meanings of their lives. What are they supposed to be doing?

    Lonliness is alittle different to me but I won’t go deep. Lol

    When you are willing to spend time working on yourself, bettering you, you find out finitely what you want and need in someone. And they will show up- when the time is right, I promise! 🙂



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