The Biological Clock: Out Of Time

     I was reading the interview with Giuliana Rancic and her struggles to become pregnant and I got to thinking about women’s biological clock (see the link below).

The article says she is only 35 years old but her eggs are considered old. I remembered an aquaintance told me that when she became pregnant at 35 her doctor wanted her to have genetic testing. This makes me wonder why there are little to no conversations about women’s limited time to procreate before it is too late.
   I have recently been enlightened to my own limitations with fertility and this was discovered while trying to find a solution for another female related curse. I remember at the age of 30 my doctor inquired about my intentions for children and she made the remark that “You are still young.” My current gynaeocologist had inform me that there are women having babies at the age of 40 after I joked that I am too old (age 33)to be pregnant.
  There is that question of can we be career women, mothers, wives and have it all? It seems not. We are forced to choose family or career and have regrets about the other later. Unfortunately, family has a strict timeline and trying to defy nature can be painful, expensive and at times disappointing. Maybe I am lucky or blessed to be spared the stress and disappointment because I have not had a strong desire to be pregnant.
 The reality of my situation is I am still single at the age of 33, no current husband prospect, I have no plans to have invitro fertilization as a single(even I have thought about it on 2 occasions), and if I was to be pregnant it would be high risk with the possibility of a miscarrage or c-section birth. I think my biological clock has ran out so whether I am fertile or not it really does not matter now. However, for those women who want to have that experience, it is a very big pill to swallow that their bodies cannot perform such a ‘natural’ God-given womanly function.
   As singles, we are aware of the ongoing questions about ‘when are you getting married?’ and other question that follows is ‘when are you going to have children?’ When you are not able to give an answer, the idea of failure comes to mind especially the last question about children because it is such an expectation of every woman. The dichotomous part of this issue is on one hand most people expect singles to have fun and not worry about settling down just yet in their 20s (especially if you are career women) but then when they are expected to be settled in their 30s, the clock is already winding down.
   So what exactly is the solution? Information. Becoming informed about our bodies.  In my teens, I was obviously too young; In my early to mid 20’s, I felt I was still too young; my late 20’s to now, I thought biological clock and infertility were for women in their very late 30’s to 40’s. Obviously, I am wrong.

4 thoughts on “The Biological Clock: Out Of Time

  1. Welcome CW, I think the average woman wants some time to be a wife first before adding motherhood. However, when the clock start ticking it is hard to ignore. I truly believe that these celebrities use IVF more often that we know. The regular woman does not have the luxury of the best drs and unlimited money to produce offsprings late in life. However, when you both are ready to start a family I pray that it will be a smooth process and a little Sarah & Abraham prayer to the Lord wouldn't hurt 🙂

  2. Glad to have found this site…BI am coming to this empasse in my life…Being a newlywed and 34 presents unique set of dilemmas…I am settling into married life and don't want to rush things along simply due to a timeline…Some women are often deceived into thinking they have all the time in the world…I have a nagging suspicison this has a lot to do with celebs popping out twins times four, soap opera storylines and whatnot! Yes, I want children (1 or 2) and know realistically it's close to decision time…High risk starts next year for me…So this gives me and hubby something to think about : )And yes, God gave Sarah & Abraham a child in their 90's, but those were special circumstances *wink*

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