True Girlfriends

    I ventured out to the movies recently to see the latest installment of Sex and the City. For those who have been followers of the tv show and the last movie are aware that the premise is about friendship among four very different women. This had me thinking about female support and how many women really do have that Sex and City relationship as we get older and our lives take different paths.
   As women, it seems that our relationships can be very conditional and dramaphilic. There is the comparison of each other, jealousy, gossiping and the most egregious of all things evil to women’s relationship-the introduction of a man in the mix. Over the years, I have transitioned through many female relationship but fortunately for me I have been blessed with at least two very consistent supports in my life.
  Here is a list of things I enjoyed about the shows and movies that does not seem to happen much in real life:

1. The unconditional support each women has for and from each other

2. The ability to just drop/reschedule everything and go have a girls day/night/holiday

3. The ability to speak their minds and still maintain
    the friendships
4. Pure unadulterated sex talk
5. Being there for a friend in personal crisis without 
    giving some excuse about their busy lives
6. Recognizing that their men-relationship does not replace their women-
7. Trust that the single friend is not jealous of or trying to steal each other’s men
8. Honesty can be a ‘bitch’ but it’s still necessary
9. Recognition of each of their strengths and weaknesses which comes from taking
    the time to know each other
10. Having a true friend is a lifetime commitment

If any of you ladies do have that Sex and the City type relationship, then cherish it because it is a luxury many women miss out on in their lives.


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