Men Rule Religion and Women Must Obey

   The recent blaring headline of a Florida Christian school teacher Jarretta Hamilton fired for having sex before she was married to her fiance has brought back to life the quiet issue of sex and religion. Let me start of by saying that I acknowlege the Bible states that fornication is a sin and no matter what anyone may argue it is clearly written for Christians to follow.
   Throughout the history of religion, men have been the keepers of morality and they appear to deal out punishment very harsly on women who break the law. In the case of the teacher, her male principal had the audacity to question her sex life and forced her in a position to disclose her sexual activity which has led to her dismissal. I beg to ask that if it were a male teacher sitting in front of him would he be so quick to question a man’s sex life and proceed to fire him? I believe that if this was a ‘good christian brother,’ then he would have had a lecture and encouragement to never sin again.
     It seem that if the scarlet letter was still effective then a red W for whore would be hung around her neck for all to see. The principal instead broadcast her sin to the entire school, parents, and the students which is the equivalent to the red W. 
    In the church, it does not appear that women are worthy of forgiveness. Once branded we are forever to wear the mark of shame but this is different for men. Men are always forgiven the moment they utter an apology and profess to praying earnestly to God. The bible talks about “Let you who are without sin cast the first stone.” This was a direct challenge to the men who were quick to punish a woman  caught in fornication. However, the curious thing about this story is that she is the only one identified as a sinner. Where is the man she was having sex with? Where were the sex voyeurs who had to be watching for a while and then call themselves witnesses to the crime?
   I truly believe that women are  judged and unfairly condemned. The church or specifically religion takes this to such an extreme at times that it can be seen as oppression (the middle east or the Mormons comes to mind). This teacher is just one of many examples in which the male ego can override the teachings of Christ disguised as religious morality.  

3 thoughts on “Men Rule Religion and Women Must Obey

  1. Jules,
    Let me say that the fallen state of man is not blamed on Eve in scripture but on Adam. The scriptures say that it was because Adam sinned……

    Clearly this practice is unbiblical and I am speaking as a man. Sin is sin irrespective of whether it is done by a man or woman. Forgiveness is available to both if they repent.

  2. Welcome, Jules
    LOL no it’s not easy being a woman. You are right everything is on our shoulders and the men seem to get an easy pass and this is forever frustrating.

  3. We are more scrutinized because since the fall in Eden all the blame for everything has been on the shoulders of women. if the crops failed, it was because of women, if the kids are bad it’s because of the woman, if a woman cannot conceive it’s because she is cursed and her womb is shut up. Everything bad is tied in with being a woman. Although I don’t know too many US men asking for paternity leave, I agree that if a man had made the request no questions about conception date would have been raised. It aint easy being a woman even 6000 yrs later.

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