Married/Taken Women & Single Girlfriends=Trouble

There is a peculiar phenomena about female relationship when one friend gets married or starts a relationship.  I am going to assume that women reading this post probably have a story or two to tell. Most women have very good girlfriends whom they communicate and spend time with on a regular basis. In the single years, you are each other’s support and partners in crime.

   However, that trust and closeness seem to change the moment a male is involved. Here is some identifying signs that the phenomena of friendship demise has begun:

1. The attached friend is spending less time (phone or physically) with the single friend.

2. The single friend starts to become the 3rd or 5th wheel because the coupled friend only hangs out with couples.

3. The single friend suddenly becomes the pathetic individual and this is verbalized by: ‘Oh, you will find someone someday’ or ‘I am so glad I am not single anymore’ or ‘You just won’t understand because you are not in a relationship’

4. Any man seems like the perfect match for the single friend. So Johnny’s cousin’s cousin’s best friend who just got out of rehab is perfect because he is single.

5. The single friend becomes the potential man stealing hussy. Hence, notice how the coupled friend limits the single woman’s time around her man. If you are having a casual innocent chat with him, she has to be there touching, hugging or trying to make out with her boyfriend ie. marking her territory.

6. The single friend becomes the jealous bitch. This is clearly evident if the single friend voices any concerns about the man. ‘Oh you are just jealous because I am finally happy’ or ‘ I found someone who loves me and you just can’t stand it’

7. In the case of the long time married friend, the single woman appears to be a sexually loose, have no responsibilities, reckless, partying  person who has no care in the world except for herself.

8. It becomes the single woman’s fault why she is still single. Her morals and standards are way too high and if she only lowered them then she would find that perfect man.

9. The long time married woman may harbour some deep-seated  jealousy because of #7. (because the marriage is not longer fulfilling anymore).

10.  (feel free to fill in #10)

It is interesting to me how easily female friendships can become adversarial. In comparison to men, women tend to become dramatic about everything which interferes with the relationship. Needless to say, I have experienced some of the things listed and was left confused about what happened. As I have posted before, most women are not able to separate a male relationship from their girlfriend relationship. This apparently is the one area where most women are not able to multitask.


2 thoughts on “Married/Taken Women & Single Girlfriends=Trouble

  1. You are really speaking the truth on this one. I have seen all of them in action and experienced a few personally. Yep, women are very adversarial as soon as the tide shifts. I remembered a younger cousin of mine who would always talk about how ‘people who wants husbands can’t find any’ , in reference to me, blah, blah..sometimes it would be embarrassing because she would just pop this out in any company trying to make me look like a pathetic loser. Keep in mind I have never told this woman I was looking to get married. Since then I have never trusted her and I no longer consider her a friend. While a good marriage is a beautiful thing, only about 30% of all marriages are truly good marriages. I don’t know why married women think all single women envy them. I am still too selfish to be married, maybe one day I will be selfless enough to jump in. Right now I would rather have Oprah’s bank book, invest in real estate globally and travel extensively. Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy to want such a carefree life. Guess I can marry on the next incarnation, this one I want completely to myself.

    1. It’s a woman’s perogative to want what she wants. Most people (especially women) do assume that all females wants to get married and be pregnant with greater than 2 children. So when they meet someone who wants something different it is hard to compute. It’s always interesting how some of the coupled women will call out the single ones in public as if that is a right of theirs.

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