A Keeping It Real Moment

A keeping it real moment will be a random not always Godly or universally accepted thought that most of us have but dare not say  out loud to not lose face as Christians. So here goes. I have two today.


I have to travel the highway to and from work every morning and like most of us we run into stupid drivers. A few days ago (this is not the first), I was trying to merge onto the highway and the female in a SUV sped up and blocked me because she wanted to get ahead.  (Here is the evil thought) In that instant I called her a  few names I would not say out loud and I wished wholeheartedly that I had a monster truck to drive right over her, crush her and I would not even stop or lose sleep. I have to say that this thought brought me great satisfaction at the time. But later as always, my irritation went away and I said a prayer for forgiveness, traveling mercies and more patience.


I have to question everything and everyone. I think it’s a gift from God. “Because I said so” does not and have never satisfied me. That mentality would get me into trouble with my father as a child, gets me rebuked as a Christian and stresses out my supervisor. When the bible says test every spirit to see if they are of God, I literally do that to help with my faith. So here goes: I cannot always related to God the father. The old testament (to me) is filled with WTF kind of God would do things like that?  I am telling you that I am happy that Jesus took on humanity and was tempted like the rest of us but did not sin. He was an example for what to do. Because, if that did not happen, then my question would be how the hell am I suppose to trust a God who does not know what it was like to struggle as a human?

PS: the old testament has some great “God is awesome” stories as well.


4 thoughts on “A Keeping It Real Moment

  1. The problem starts when people try to perpetrate a “Perfect Christian” image…These folk want outsiders to believe that everything is ‘perfect’ in their lives,…So it leaves no room for ministering to us mere mortals…SMH…Some folk do it out of pride…Others mistakenly believe they are protecting God’s image by whitewashing everything…Both motivations are erroneous…When you can sit someone down and say “I have made these mistakes” and/or “I am still struggling and here’s how we deal with it…”, that is a powerful testimony….Do not misunderstand: God’s word trumps all, but the Bible also highlights figures who made the same mistakes back then, that we are making today…One lesson we can take from that is no one can exist successfully without Christ!

  2. I struggle with my “keeping it real moments” too as I often do not want to be a bad witness or testimony for Christ. Also, I read your comments on my new post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I find the church’s “wait on God doctrine” to be of great disservice to women of color and I hoped to stir up a conversation regarding that. I’m glad you joined the conversation. –Afua

    1. I know that as Christians it is hard to admit that we are fallible. I have gotten over that fear and want other christians to recognize that admitting their faults is not a bad thing but it just might help someone else who is struggling with the same issues. Regarding your post: I am always happy to join a good conversation

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