A Keeping It Real Moment

There are times in our lives that things happen and you wonder out loud about certain things.

Do you ever feel like this God vs Satan and the world descending into chaos, hatred and war is an elaborate game? Think about it-An all-knowing and powerful God and his good angels fighting against Satan, the all-powerful devil and his minions. Us humans are the casuality of the war-collateral damage so to speak. The bible says that a 1000 years is like 1 day. So is our 2000 years of human degradation like 2 business days for God? The atheists argues that a good God would not allow all this suffering and I wonder about that at times. If God has power, even over Satan, then why all this charade? Why couldn’t He had devised something less cruel for the species he so loves. The issues of the world seems so petty and below God’s omnipotence if the ultimate goal is human eternal bliss in heaven.


Tell Me What You Think

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