It Is So Much Easier To Be Sinful Than Righteous Darn It!

What Your Hunger is Telling You // Woman eyeing cake (© Marlene Ford/Getty Images)Image taken from:

Sinning feels sooo good! Don’t worry if you cannot admit that openly, I just did it for you. There is just something about lusting, lying, envying and hating that gives us a weird sense of satisfaction and euphoria. While the good virtues like being truthful, honest, pure, loving, and thinking about good things seems difficult and boring. We really need God’s help with this fallen human nature.

When Eve and Adam made that fatal mistake to be disobedient to God, they did not fully understand the implications of their actions on the succeeding generations. Our God-intended nature made a 180 degree turn to a very fallen and dark side (like Darth Vader in Starwars). Instead of the good things being something we crave and desire in our hearts, it has now become a daily struggle to stick with it and follow God faithfully. Everyday, we have to fight against that good feeling sinful nature. Image it being like a woman on a diet and she is fighting like hell to stay away from a scrumptious, decadent, delicious, large calorie filled piece of chocolate cake. Her instinct is to take a big bite versus walking away and finding a boring bland-tasting nutritious low-calorie carrot stick.

Human nature is severely screwed up and we have to “die daily” (1 Cor 15:31). The world has to offer so much pleasure in so many different, interesting and enjoyable ways. I can admit, at times, to finding that kind of worldly pleasure more attractive and enticing than what God has to offer. It seems in comparison that most things of God are so dull, so self-sacrificing, so much about others, and the promises of better things that are too far off. Humans are very much about instant gratification or at least gratification we can see in the future. This is in such a conflict with Christian teachings. Christianity keeps us yearning for what will be while sinful pleasures gives us what we want now.

“For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do” Rom. 7: 19. The battle of the carnal vs the spiritual can be overwhelming. If I were Catholic, I would definitely be confessing to a Priest multiple times everyday. The good feeling of being sinful comes with a price and sometimes that price is instantaneous as the pleasures. In the cake example, the woman eats the cake, it tastes good but the price is she ingested a lot more calories than she wants which equals weight gain, self condemning and her having to work  harder to lose those added pounds. 

 On the other hand, sometimes the sin is not always punished but beneficial and it seems more like a confirmation to carry on than to stop. For example, two people having an affair, instead of stopping, they leave respective spouses and marry each other and live happily ever after. If only there was an easier way to avoid sin, if only God takes away those desires, if only being righteous is a greater desire than sin, if only… if only… if only…. As struggling Christians, we all do the best we can to be focus on God and do His will. We have to be in connection with Him at least 70 x 7 times daily to barely keep above the sinful waters. Unfortunately, there are no easy or quick fixes to choosing between carnal vs spiritual. The only thing in our control is to acknowledge our weaknesses and pray for guidance.

Temptations are such a pain in the ass.


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