What Does Getting ‘Laid’ Have To Do With Being Happy?


When does getting laid equal happiness? If you are not up with the old school lingo, then let me spell it out-getting laid means having sex. This sentiment is often heard on television but it has cropped up in the workplace as well. Each time I hear this drivel, I wonder how it is that having sex is synonymous with being happy. So if your boss seems unhappy or high strung then she (usually seems to be referred to women) needs some sex and she will be all better (sarcasm included).

The same is said of Christians. Obviously most Christians are not sexually active and that is why we are the way we are-whatever that means. So, if following this hypothesis, then the happier a Christian is the more action SHE is getting in the sack. Woohoo, some dumba** just discovered the secret to happiness so now let’s all get to shagging.

As Christians, we have a different belief in the source of happiness and it has nothing to do with sex. However, the prevailing idea of the world is a little different. I have never had that phrase spoken to me but I do find myself becoming very irritated when I hear it directed towards a woman-single or married. I do believe that sex has an importance and not just for procreating but when did it become the holy grail of everything in one’s life? I am pretty sure that if I showed up to working skipping and overly joyous the first thing people would start thinking is I found a man and “I got my pipes cleaned.”

I am not squimish about having any discussions but I shudder at the thought that anyone would think that way about me. This moronic sentiment seems to debase the human value to a simple intimate act. So I guess instead of singing “All we need is love” we can replace the word love with sex “All we need is sex.” This is not to say that I deny the research done on how sex affects the mood etc. I truly believe that sex has some amazing and positive contributions to the human emotions, body and intimate relationship.

These days it seems that only the stupid things seem to have a lasting effect; hence the popularity of reality tv. The regression of human intelligence is astounding.


One thought on “What Does Getting ‘Laid’ Have To Do With Being Happy?

  1. I agree. People let replace the word love with sex alot now. When people say they love each other half the time they mean they are sleeping together. I actuallty knew quite a few people in school that would have one night stands and say they “loved” the person. Love is not sex and sex is not love. Sex can be a part of what you do when you love someone but not the other way around. I may be very… hormonal at times and talk about the sexually related subjects but without loveing someone sex feels a bit empty. I only do what i do because if i don;t my hormones will go crazy, i know this from experience. Thanks for the post, 🙂

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