Journey to H-Day ~Going Under The Knife

I could not decide whether this experience in my 34 years of life was appropriate for a blog and public viewing.  Then, I decided I had nothing to hide and this is an event a number of women have experienced and even fewer under the age of 40. So, why not put it in writing.

By the beginning of the new year 2011 (God willing I am still alive and well) I will be wombless. H-day (hysterectomy day) will be my way of celebrating the coming year with hopefully a dear friend and my mother by side sequestered  in bed and on pain killers. This is definately not the ideal for the masses.

I had been hoping for this procedure for the longest time but when the doctor beat me to the suggestion, I was very elated. Elated because I thought no one would want to do this to someone at my age. I am aware that most women would think I am mad for being happy about a hysterectomy as a solution. However, what the normal-womb-women do not realize is that God made some of us different and a procedure so drastic can be a very welcomed saviour.

At this point, I am busy getting ready.  There are a number of preparations to do as it will be a 6-weeks recovery period. Some of the preparation includes paperwork to secure my job, finding as much information about the procedure (including pictures online), and reviewing supportive websites such as  Hystersisters that gives a more personal view on what to expect before and after H-day.  My procedure is expected to be the total hysterectomy as shown in the diagram above. (I will not be posting any real live pictures. If you are curious take a peek at google images)

Besides the other preparation, the first thing that came to mind is that I need to have really reliable supports. Someone who would not just dump me and run (flash back of an early experience this year). My dearest friend offered to come and lend a helping hand at which I gladly say yes. She has been my sounding board and I hers. So, it is very fitting that God will allow her by my side.

She had ask me a couple of questions which I had already addressed and resolved with myself and will explore leading up to H-day:  How will this affect meeting someone who wants children? How do I feel about this very final procedure? My own questions include: Will I have any regrets? Will this affect my view of myself as a woman? Will it be a big deal that the possibility of giving birth will end permanently?

If anyone has been through or are preparing for their own H-day, feel free to add your comments.


4 thoughts on “Journey to H-Day ~Going Under The Knife

  1. I am also facing the big-H, but I’m not looking forward to it a much as you seem to be. I don’t know if you plan on discussing your whys but mine are related to being a young breast cancer survivor and the drs feel that I should not have hormones. There is a correlation to having had breast cancer and increased incidents of ovarian cancer, so they would like me to also have my ovaries removed in addition to the hysterectomy. While I welcome the idea of losing the ability to procreate (I’ve already fulfilled the mom role), I don’t want to lose my ovaries. I’m looking forward to your posts related to this. Also, have they discussed the lose it if you don’t use it concerning your vagina? What are your thoughts on this as a single celebate Christian?

    1. Thanks for posting M.
      I will follow up with a few post relating to certain issues that I have thought about that may be a factor after the surgery . I am very glad that you have survived breast cancer. During my research online, I did not come acrros the “use it lose it” for the vagina. I actually did not know that was possible. The doc and I talked about making sure the vagina is still anchored in place (which is a fear for many when a hysterectomy is done). She told me that should not be a problem. I did ask if sex will be an issue due to losing the cervix and she explained that it’s not proven to be a problem either. I have also read that most women do not have any problems with sex afterwards. I will need to check more on the issue of ‘use it lose it’

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