Minor Drug Dependency:Unique Way to Start The New Year


The big Hysterectomy day  has come and gone. The procedure went well with no complications (thank God) and two awesome supports who helped me puke in the hospital (yeah I know gruesome!). It is always interesting the bits and pieces one remembers after being wheeled from a very cold surgery room. The whole process was made wonderfully easy with a nice staff and a very good-looking (no ring on finger) anesthesiologist. I think it would have been a bit too much to flirt with tubes all over me. Not to mention a little later he would have gotten a good peek of all this wonderful body have to offer before the first date :-). I don’t think the church has any rules for that!

Nearly two days in the hospital, lots of great drugs and the recovery process is sailing along easily. Well I need to say the drugs make things easy. I still need to be careful not have a false sense of “superwoman” security and push things.  Having someone poke around your innards are not the most fun.

New Years was quiet like most years. I have no resolution and refuse to make resolutions. I object to the idea that because the calendar starts over then my life should follow suit. My “new years resolutions” are on a daily basis throughout the year. Finding new ways to make changes to my life instead pinning all my hopes and dreams on a Jan 1 **** date.  

Do I expect anything major in the new year? No not really. I expect the basics of life to continue and if God chooses to introduce some unexpected excitement then I am all up for it. The goals that I had in 2010 are still there for every aspect of my life and everyday I will continue to work on them and accomplish them. New Years is just another day for me and it felt exactly that way this year. For those who make resolutions, I hope it all works out but for the rest of us- May God continue to bless us and help us make good decisions in 2011


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