“All I Need From A Man Is Sex and Companionship”

pair of swans

The first time I heard a dear Christian friend of mine expressed that sentiment I was not sure what to make of it. Is that all she really needs from a man? Is there something wrong with her view? She went on to say that she is able to provide the other necessary things for herself (money, clothing etc) and therefore did not require materal objects from anyone.

In essence she was highlighting her wants from her needs. She was asserting her independence whilst still indicating that there was one or two things in which she has to depend on someone else. Her statement is an anthem for independent working women who are seeking a man for long term relationship and not a “sugar daddy.” 

After thinking about it, I have to give my agreement with that statement. It seems very simple but very accurate. In a mature relationship with two adults, we really only need sex and companionship from our partners. The sex aspect does not need further explanation. However, companionship connotes a broad requirement. If you think about it, when someone is your companion it implies a sense of being trustworthy, supportive, sharing, encouraging, and a good match you. These are the qualities the sane and normal functioning adults want from partners-a mate for life.

When you think about Adam and Eve, their union was about companionship. Adam was not meant to be Eve’s “saviour” or vice versa. Most women and men believe that a partner will “save” them in some way. Can you image what a burden that must be to take the role of someone’s savior? Trust me it is overwhelming. I trully believe that job was for Christ alone.

The Lord has blessed me enough to manage my day-day life. However, like Adam most singles are missing a little something.  I can be equally honest and agree with my Christian friend in saying that I only want a man for sex and companionship.


7 thoughts on ““All I Need From A Man Is Sex and Companionship”

  1. Sex is extra wont last forever,the union of the two mates loving Jesus will make a strong union as companions.So a women should want a man that is in sink with God because the spiritual union will make for a great partnership for the next 100 some years.I want some that can add to me not just someone watching the news with me.

    1. Sex is not extra. sex is a part of. The men in the bible were having sex into old age. That is why they have so many children because of younger concubines who could get pregnant. If you think that’s extra then why are so many marriages in the toilet because of lack of sex but more specifically intimacy. It’s not just about sex but intimacy which facilitates the act. What is wrong with wanting intimacy which leads to sex and a spiritual union?

    1. Toya,
      I believe with age we discover just who were are and the things that are important. That could be the reason why our lists starts shrinking as time pasts

  2. Great article, although I have a feeling that more and more Christian men are carrying the default assumption that a woman who isn’t looking for a breadwinner isn’t interested in marriage.

    Aside: If you’re interested, I’m inviting bloggers that I follow to join my new blogroll for single Christian women: http://pinkseekingblue.blogspot.com/

    1. Someone told me that men need to feel needed and this may be tied into doing something for the women in their lives. The idea of a typical bredwinner has changed over the years and it is the responsiblity of a couple to define exactly what they want from each other.
      I add your site to my blogroll

  3. I totally agree….but it seems like single women that can provide for themselves are getting the short end of the stick. For example, for many men being able to provide for a woman is very essential. Hence, if they feel like they cant provide for you a problem begins. So what does a single woman do about that?…especially if she can buy everything she wants and needs? I think for me this has been a tough tug of war. Now, even if I can provide certain things for myself, I still allow a man to pay for certain things (if I am serious about him). For example, he can cover the meals or buy something he sees that I might want. I wont allow this purchasing to get out of hand becuase I cant be bought. I think thats the compromise I have come to. I also think that even though I can do everything for myself I dont always want to. It feels good to allow someone you like to do nice things for you. I think many women are afraid that the man will want something in return. He can expect all he wants but I say what I am willing to give and when I am willing to give it…..just a thought 🙂

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