MLK Rememberance: Racism In the Church

In rememberance to Martin Luther King Jr and all he stood for: equality, respect of everyone regardless of race, it begs to question if the church is exempt of his teachings.

Even though Christ’s message sees every one as equal sinners with the same opportunity of redemption, the reality in the churches are not so clear. Churches do see in black, white, asian etc. If that was not the case, then so many churches would not be so segregated.

Christ sees the value in everyone; however, as humans we see the outside and make a mental note where each person fits.

Martin Luther King Jr is in no way a god and his example and his preaching of equality shows that as humans we choose how we treat others. Christians have a history of spreading intolerance and exclusion which is the opposite of Jesus’s teachings. I think we can learn a very valuable lession from MLK which is as people we make choices in our behaviors and treatment of others


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