More Bad News For Single Women


The results of a recent research study on single professional women seeking marriage is very grim. According to the study, single professional women are being told that the reason why they are still not married, even in their 20’s, is because men are seeking out women who are willing to have a purely sexual relationship without a request for commitment.

Those damn hussies! So that’s why the dam is dry downstream because the ‘friends with benefits’ option is more palatable. Speaking of which there is a movie out with exactly that sentiment. I have no intention of seeing it because of my huge objection to this alternative. There is not just blame on the unmarried very sexually free women but the men who believe that this is the better option to pursue until they are old, worn out,  and need viagra or cialis.

What is so wrong with commitment to a woman with smarts, values and character when she is young and he is not in the grandfather category? Are those the new dirty words for women? Since the news did not indicate other details of the study like age etc I hesitate to generalize.  This stat may not apply for Christian women because the men in the church are nothing like that **snickers quietly.** However, due to the shortage of quantity and sometimes quality Christian men, then most single christian women are taking it to the streets to broaden their kiddie pool options.

There is always a new study with additional findings to proclaim why so many marriage-minded women still sport a single status. And just like the one’s before, there is a hint of blame for the single woman. I am starting to think that if one wants to shed the single status, then a woman needs to drop her values to nonexistent, become promiscuous, pretend to be stupid- so the man seems to know more, do not go after a career- because men can feel threatened etc. Someone like the American 50’s ideal housewife.

The fact is there are more women in this world than men. There are even less Christian men available in the church. These studies are not intended to scare women but the results are that women begin to panic especially as they age. The other fact is there are no easy solutions for a woman wanting a partner. People will tell you to pray and God will provide but until then go live your life.


4 thoughts on “More Bad News For Single Women

  1. This is why, many say that the SEXUAL REVOLUTION was the WORST FOR WOMEN than for men…it also is bad for the culture BECAUSE many women are without husbands and have to rely on the government..and the government is GOING BROKE ..or so they say..because of also makes vile crazy sons. When a boy never knew his father, or a male figure to become him, they get EXTREMELY VIOLENT—hence the term BASTARD–Before the ‘sexual revolution’ ,real men used to be more responsible in where they put their seed…….

  2. The ‘hookup’ culture was bad in the 1980s BUT this is 2011 and its hard finding people who weren’t exposed to ‘normal’ family life (many are gone because of age)

  3. I think its not the fact that the 50s housewife was stupid–she was NOT because many know they had to be LADIES, or the guys they’ll attract would be either wussies, or very harsh (the lady brings out the best in the guy)–I also think that the ‘hookup’ cultlure is making it HARD for young women to find mates, but theyre out there

    1. I agree that the 50’s house wife was not stupid. It was how things were done back then. Due to the sexual revolution and subsequent sexual freedom, men are choosing not to take long term mates and make a honest woman out of their partners but do the wham bam thank you maam and move on to the next new and exciting available “piece of a**” The men who do want a relationship are out there but apparently there are not enough to go around.

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