Voice-Over For God: S/He Is The One



Living in the Christian world exposes you to all sort of “supernatural” tales from church members. Because we believe in something unseen but all-powerful, Christians are more likely to believe certain things. I do believe in miracles, divine intervention and God’s leading-afterall, the bible is full of such tales.

I and many Christians are used to hearing someone say, ‘God told me….’ I never challenge such a statement because it’s not my business until the thing that God seem to have instructed sounds more like that person’s own thoughts or desires. For example, a single Christian friend of mine, who is pining for a man who has not given her any true hint of desire for her, believes that God told her that she should continue to wait for this man. She has been ‘waiting’ for this man to throw her a bone for 3 years.  Or I have heard, if God didn’t want me to be with this person, then He would not have sent him/her to me. Now my question is how do you know it’s God’s voice?

An intense desire (for anything) can create an intense preoccupation. That preoccupation can lead to seeing excuses why going after that desire is appropriate and fully sanctioned by God. Desperate singles are not immune in any way. Ending loneliness can seem like an insurmountable burden to bear, and if there is a ‘way out’ or a glimmer of hope, then most people will take it and justify their actions. Christians unintentionally may start doing voice-overs for God which can be hard to prove because a good church goer does not want to challenge God.

Most of us have said a prayer close to this “God if you don’t want me to [fill in the blanks] then remove this temptation from me.” However, when you open your eyes the temptation is still there, so the conclusion is God approves. God’s voice is definitely a private matter and if He has not made his point clear in one way; I am sure He’ll shout it out loud in another.


4 thoughts on “Voice-Over For God: S/He Is The One

  1. Sometimes I love the fact I have the ability to ask God to shed light on confusing situations and other times I dislike it. Not because of God himself or what He says either through his reply or silence but through my broken or seeing through human eyes interpretation. I remember years ago after prayer and fasting for God to give me an answer about my relationship/non relationship with a certain guy and He gave me an answer. Through another person’s prayer over me ( prophesy I guess but for me it was an answer more than anything else ) He told me that there was a door that I kept banging my head against time and time again but God will open it soon and I’ll walk through it. So yes, being the girl that I am, and a hopeful one at that, I wanted that to mean that the guy in question would “see me” as more and we would end up together. What I couldn’t have known was about six months later though a series of events I would just let go of those feelings and I would indeed stop banging my head and walk through that door 😉

    I never stop seeking God and I never doubt His answers I just am careful about my interpretations now 🙂

  2. I really like this question because I think it gets at the heart of a lot of spiritual dilemmas. The problem is that I don’t think there’s necessarily an answer. I think there’s an element of the sheep knowing their Shepherd’s voice – I think there’s something to be said for people knowing God also recognizing His voice. However, there’s also the fact that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

    I think praying for God to take away a temptation is good, but I also don’t think another person just being in our lives is a temptation. I think the problem lies in our tendency to spend more effort, love, worship, etc… on a person than on his Creator. Rather than praying that God change our circumstances, oughtn’t we pray that He draw us closer and show us more of who He is? I don’t think the response to God’s answer or non-answer is the problem. I think the problem is the heart behind asking God to pull a temptation out of our lives that isn’t truly a tempation. It’s in thinking God ought to fix our human relationships before we let Him work on our relationship with HIm.

    1. I agree with you and what you said: “Rather than praying that God change our circumstances, oughtn’t we pray that He draw us closer and show us more of who He is?” is the key to knowing what God wants for and from each of us. It can be hard to see this at time when we are wrapped up in our own wants, desires, and expectations.

    2. I love this, as one who was single forever…and enjoyed it…I believe that God can/does reveal to us certain things. I knew that my then boyfriend (we had been casually dating for a couple weeks) would be my husband. I felt that I had a kind of revelation about it, but it also didn’t take 3 years for him to express a desire to be with me. I also now know marriage is designed to bring us individually and as a couple closer to God.

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