In Search Of The Elusive LOVE


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Faith, hope and love. The greatest of all these is love. The feeling of love is not something you can touch, smell or see; however, it seems as essential as air and at some point we all start looking for it. Take for instant, a 30-something non-Christian friend shared with me that she is getting older and is ready to be married, to find a companion. Rewind a year or so ago and she did not want such a commitment at all. She was happy with long-term boyfriends who could provide sex and companionship when needed.  But something changed for her as it seem to do for almost everyone. She has started to said “I love you” and now wants someone who can say it back.

Some singles knew from the day puberty hit that they want LOVE and all the bells and whistles while others discover this later. Either way they all end up at the same place, needing something that seems slightly out of reach. It defies my understanding as to how something so essential can be so elusive. It is beginning to be apparent that love is not something you want but need. If God requires such a thing from us, is it really surprising that we need it from each other? 

There is a certain sense of security and safety that comes with giving and receiving love. It makes you feel whole, special and above all blessed. It makes us do extraordinary things like Jesus dying on a cross. The love I refer to is not the crazy, blind, foolishly obsessive type which many seem to confuse for the real thing. There is no such thing as ‘love is blind.’ A person need to understand the behaviors that results from love with their eyes, ears and senses wide open (1 Corin 13).

Within the recent years, there is a clearer understanding of the desperation of the single person to find ‘the one.’ It is not just about marriage or companionship but what comes with it-being with someone who cares for you as much as or even more than themselves. It’s about sharing love.  How many of us will actually find it with a partner? or settle with good enough because the clock is ticking? It seems like such a mockery. For something that is intangible, you can’t buy it with money and it is supposedly all-around, then why is it so many continue to cry that they can’t find love.


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