The Notion of God Going The Way Of Marriage: Obsolete


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Steven Hawking, world renown physicist and cosmologist has declared that there is no heaven and nothing special about after death. However, he did propose a very plausible hypothesis that there are aliens in other galaxies. The bad news is we humans are not ready for them because it will be similar to the Columbus invasion and massacre of the American Indians and dare I add others (humans would play the role of the Indians).

Before I state my opinions of Mr Hawking’s recent proclamation, I have to say I respect his work (at least as much as I can understand) with black holes and all things cosmic. He is a brilliant mind in an incapacitated body. On the other hand, how is it so easy for the brilliant and the small minds alike to dismiss the essence of what God stands for so easily but put 100% trust in their own limited understanding of life and their knowledge which keeps changing? I do understand that the idea of an all-powerful being is a big pill to swallow but so was a round earth and microbes.

I will not argue the evidence for or against God. It is futile! If you identify as a Christian, then you have faith. However, I will argue the notion of God and what the Bible is trying to say to all of us ‘cut out your arrogant, selfish bullshit and learn to care about others as much as we care about ourselves.’  This is the point, besides acknowledging a creator, that God stands for and this seems to be the point lost on the slow minds and the intellectual alike.  Atheists and anti-religious people will point out that God is a fairy tale and that is their only focus. However, believing in a God is believing in principles set by God (the ones that are not completely distorted to serve our own needs) and this is what makes us good faithful Christians.

The anti-marriage posse has used the same single-minded argument for dissolution of the institution that was implemented at the Garden of Eden. “It’s just a piece of paper… bla bla bla.” However, like the notion of God, marriage is not just a ritual or ideological but the implication of what it means for how two people should relate to each other. The bible uses marriage quite often as a metaphor of His relationship to us-good or bad.  Incidentally, Mr Hawking has been married twice and maybe he could have used some divine intervention in the relationship department.

God does not have to always write on a wall and speak through a unchard burning bush (even though it would be nice). As a single and a Christian, I am learning to listen very intently to hear God’s voice and it’s not always about big things. for eg. I went to a car wash and when I left I found that I was missing two bottles of water I kept in the car in case of emergency. I did call and let the car wash manager know that I believed one of his workers might have taken them. However, a day ago I found them rolling from their hiding place underneath my seat. Nonetheless, I felt guilty for accusing an unknown person and today I decided that it was important to me to call again and let them know I was mistaken. Would I have felt guilty or make what seems to be a pointless call, if I did not have some influence from WWJD? probably not, I probably would not have given a damn.

I have no idea what or if any impact that had on any of the workers or the supervisor but it’s a part of the principle of the bible; the principle of how we need to treat each other. Those are the kind of teachings that a Creator, who sees beyond humanity’s weaknesses, can provide. I have yet to hear all the nay sayers of God proclaim anything that pushes each of us to do, think and feel better about ourselves or others.

The fool has said in his heart, There is no God – Psalm 14:1


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