6 comments on “Sexual Test Drive

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  2. Still single, and a virgin at nearly 42. It IS very hard to wait, but God made us, and He’s got good reasons for the commands He gave–they’re not arbitrary. Need proof? Petra’s song “Minefield” nails it: “Think the grass is greener? You’d better look around–everywhere you look another casualty is found.”

  3. I had this thought not long ago. I think the key is to communicate with each other before marriage, so you can know whether to run off.

  4. “Sex has NEVER made a relationship better, not in the history of man”

    Bingo. I don’t understand why people come up with a laundry list of reasons why they want to have sex instead of saying they just do. It’s okay to admit that–we’re created to be sexual beings. I tell non-Christian acquaintances and friends, whenever this comes up, that choosing not to have sex doesn’t mean I don’t (physically) feel EXACTLY as they do…i just choose not to do it.

    I’ve never “test drove” before marriage and I’m sure the environment I grew up in was much more ripe for it than most. Inner city upbringing and I’m the first to leave my old neighborhood without multiple babies in tow. Never got the “birds and the bees” talk from any authority figure, but regularly got play by plays of exploits from other kids in the neighborhood and at school. If I wanted a career in erotica it would probably work out quite well, lol.

    My only serious relationship lasted quite long for us being young (still am), from 16 to 20. Never had sex but the talk came up regularly. We did want to have sex, that’s for sure, lol, but didn’t for lots of reasons–some based on our Christianity, others not so much. I’ve have several medical emergencies making it not such a great idea at times and I had an extreme fear of being a teen mom like a lot of my friends, to name a few not related to our beliefs.

    I still hold fast to my no sex before marriage view. I don’t plan to have sex in future relationships and have lots of friends who took this route and are doing fine. I’m expecting two godchildren this year, both to parents who waited :).

    – B.

  5. How many people have test drove before marriage? Yep, But we didn’t really know any better and then when we did it was very very difficult to abstain.

    How many would never have a serious relationship without it? Haven’t had a serious relationship since. I wonder if in part it is part of God’s protection.

    How many are not sure? How many plan to smother the fire until after the I do’s (whenever that will be)? Not smother the fire but be wise with it until marriage.

    I would never want to go through the pain of a break up again after having that intimate relationship with someone. I really believe that this is why God wants us to wait until we are married. That broken intimacy is devastating – not saying that breakups that haven’t been part of an intimate relationship aren’t but there is that connection ( it’s Biblical ) between you that is difficult to surrender.

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