Becoming a Sour Puss Expert

In the last few years, I started to see a trend for my life. That trend seems to follow the path of the stars becoming misaligned and most recently they are appearing quite jacked-up. Due to this steady unbalance, my mood has started to change from being happyish and content to being a down right sour puss. Unfortunately, I wear my mood very well and have not bothered to implement the art of pretending. That just takes too much energy. Somehow, I manage to keep it in check when I am with my clients. You know all that professional courtesy stuff.

Two days ago, the sour puss fever was especially high. I went out to lunch with a coworker and we commiserated about some more jacked up issues at work which added fuel to the mood time bomb ticking supernova. I was quite snippy with a good acquaintance/coworker (one of those who are always peppy). I guess I was unusually bad with my attitude and we had that kind-of-a relationship in which she briefly mentioned it to me. Yeah! that still was not enough to change my mood or my clear-as-day annoyance until it was time to leave for home.

The next day I behaved like the big girl that I am and I left her an apology note with some humor attached. She promptly bounced into my office to say something very poignant (she had said it the day before but I was not in the frame of mind to get it). She said that there are so many things to be thankful for and if I look outside it’s a bright and beautiful day and we are alive. So, I needed to have a nice day and keep it moving. Keep in mind that she is not a Christian but her philosophy was on the mark.

During today’s morning devotion, I ran across something that reiterated the point in Matthew 6: 34 (start from verse 25). It talks about stop worrying about tomorrow because we have enough crap going on to deal with in the here and now (my crude paraphrase). The bible and my friend are both right. I have little control over the stars being misaligned but my sour puss attitude will not make things any better.

I can’t say it was easy to turn a frown into a half-assed smirk today because all the stuff that was there yesterday is still present today. However, the difference was, I had a better affect. I did not look as miserable. I need to learn to keep this more palatable attitude  in the forefront of my thoughts even when those stars misalignment are slapping me in the face. What a difference an attitude makes. 🙂


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