Religious Doubt

Believing in a God is truly a faith-based business. If one should stop and think about all those religious preachings, it may cause some serious doubt and questioning of one’s sanity. Everything about religion, no matter which belief you have, seems more like a cruel fairytale in which you are rooting for the happily ever after ending.

If we should seriously think about our beliefs and compare that to other  religious views, they are all  so very similar. The premise is that there is a deity or plural deities who command the universe and our lives. This deity is asking for complete obedience in our earthly lives and is especially pleased the more down trodden and burden laid our lives are in order to show true worship. Suffering for one’s religion is ALWAYS good. There is a sneaking suspicion that there are not many religions that advocate for some hint of happiness on earth as well as in heaven. There is only one true purpose on earth and that is to point others to his/their true magnificence and acceptance to his/their Godly status.

Majority of the religions do not advocate for their followers to enjoy our time and make the best possible life here but to aspire to a shangri-la that we cannot see but only imagine. This shangri-la is the opposite of earth and it is always  a palace with eternal happiness and great bounty. It’s funny that true happiness is always out of reach. Earth is the epitome of all things evil, misery, strife etc. while all things good are related to God. This earth-heaven contrast is interesting because God also created the earth. For the major religions, there are very strict outlined ways into heaven ie. for Christianity, Jesus states “…no one comes to the father but by me.”  This implies that even the idea of a ‘good person’ who does not know Jesus will not have a seat on the transport to the pie in the sky.

Christians walk away from God/religion because they start to think realistically and practically. They recognize a sense of absurdity and almost fantastical thinking that is needed to believe in heaven. On the other hand, sinners come to God/religion because their practical and realistic thinking is overwhelming to handle and need an escape to the possibility of something better than this (world).

The point is for someone to be Christian or a follower of any other religion, we have to believe in the  impossible, we MUST have faith, we must believe in an alternate reality called heaven in order to deal with the harsh reality of earth.  People say religion is for the weak but I beg to different that true religion is definitely not for the faint of heart because they have to think completely outside the reality box.


4 thoughts on “Religious Doubt

  1. people doubt all the time its we pray against consistently and deal. but it in noway negates what God wants to do in out lives

  2. Yeah following Christ has been one of the hardest things in a way because you quickly learn, the world we live in is pretty much opposed to Christ and everything that God says He is. I’m saying this as someone that battled depression, anxiety, low self esteem, suicidal tendencies all my life. I think that’s why Christ said count the costs….but you find out that as you go on, depending on The Lord and just growing in Him, you’re not holding on to Him, He’s holding on to you. Then the moment comes when you realize that after all you’ve been through and all Christ has done through all of it, that He’s seriously worth EVERYTHING.

    I was on the fast path to becoming an atheist before I got saved and I battled with doubt hardcore the first 6 months I was a christian. I’m talking every waking moment I’d be doubting. I would be reading the bible STRUGGLING to believe what I was reading because it was just far removed from what we call reality. It was awful and I doubted my salvation for a long time. If Christ wasn’t an all powerful saviour and if I could be separated from his love…I’m telling you that would have been the time I would have given up on Christ and Christianity but He kept me going. I also remember praying to God ALOT 🙂

    Anyway, like you said, the key was despite all the voices in my head yelling that all of it was crap, I just had to have faith in God and that’s what He taught me (it took awhile for me to get it though LOL).

    I think this scripture is very appropriate for your post.
    Hebrews 11:6 – “And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.”

    We all have a choice and if we choose God, He’ll do the rest.

    1. “you’re not holding on to Him, He’s holding on to you…” I like that thought. Most often we are told to hold on to God not reminded that he is holding on to us.Having faith is such a day-by-day choice.

  3. I think we just have the wrong idea that being a Christian is supposed to be a bowl of cherries; Scripture teaches quite the opposite, but we don’t recognize this. So when things don’t go the way we want or think they should go, then we incorrectly believe that “God has failed us.”

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