9/11 Remembered: Great for Media Ratings


Every year all the tv stations start their 9/11 hype weeks before the day. Every year they find new ways to breathe life in a few very tragic and heinous events. Personally, I avoid anything to do with this media ratings sensation. I make it a point to change the channel until the exploitation is over. The one and only time I watched day and night coverage was when it happened which included the search, rescue and recovery efforts of the nations first responders and volunteers. Having lived in NY for a number of years, I knew that the people who orchestrated this massacre intended to do major harm when they picked the ideal time of day in which large amounts of people would be at work or on the streets. I didn’t need a death toll number to know that when the towers fell the casuality would be massive. Everyone who lives in the city knows it’s always crowded.

I believe it’s cruel to keep repeating these images every chance the media gets. If you pay attention, they always sensationalize the towers being hit and falling while conveniently excluding the other events that took place that day in which lives were lost when two other planes crashed and hit the pentagon respectively. Of course, those images are not as emotionally provoking and does not do much for ratings.

I remember almost everything very clearly when my sister called me from the post, woke me up, and told me to watch the tv. At first, I thought this was a joke because living in NY you would never think such a thing could happen – after all this is New York City. I remember what I was thinking, feeling, and my incapacity to stop crying because there was a clear sense of how these events will have a major ripple in so many people’s lives.  I remember flying back to NY exactly one month after and seeing the two memorial light beams from our apartment a borough away.

I personally don’t need constant visual reminders on every channel every second of the day. I don’t find it honorable that the media constantly use this tragedy as a yearly ratings heart tugger. I think that this is an insult to the trauma of the survivors. I don’t think there is any image left from those two towers’ devastation that the media has not flashed across their screens and conveniently leaving out the other events of the day that does not have such graphic images. I believe each person should show remembrance of that day in their own way without having to be visually force-fed particular devastating images and reliving a very traumatic day.


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