“Everything Is Not In The Bible…”

To my displeasure, one cable channel that I rarely watched has been replaced with what appears to be a specific denomination focused channel. During the tv surfing, I came across a man in a cowboy hat being interviewed. I caught enough of him and the tv host chastising the “new movement of the bible-only churches.” However, they were in favour of their particular religion that uses many traditions created by man which heavily influences the day-to-day church. He muttered something from the bible, to support his point, in which one of the apostles said something about carrying on traditions. Apparently, the host and the cowboy hat gentleman is in agreement that bible only churches are wrong and churches with heavy culture and man implemented traditions are the norm. I did agree with them on one thing that the “Jesus and me culture” is not biblical. This belief for some christians is that people choose to not go to church because they feel they only need just Jesus without the church stuff.

   As I have mentioned in other blogs, I am taking my long hiatus from church (I know- I am a total heathen); however, I do not subscribe to the idea of only needing to have a Christ only relationship without fellowship. I do believe that it is important to have worship with other Christians. So, back to the idea of everything is not in the bible, I do agree that there are so many things in which the bible does not address. This leaves room for some extrapolation which are scripture based and also soul-searching for the answers. However, this idea also leaves room for people to take things too far and make erroneous judgments that their man-made traditions are all in the name of God.

The denomination to which the channel is affiliated seems to have too many of their practises which are not supported in the bible but passed down for centuries through traditions turn holy laws created by men. In my opinion, as Christians we need to be vigilant of beliefs, daily practices, and things that are considered sacred  which are more rooted in the traditions that are not found or cannot be extrapolated (no matter how far you stretch it) in the bible. Christians are not expected to be automatons but we have brains to think critically instead of being led blindly.

I recognize that culture plays a significant influence in Christianity or any religious beliefs. However, there is a great difference when the bible and it’s admonitions are a separate entity from the religious practices. It’s as if the bible is no longer relevant and takes a literal 2nd place to the man-created traditions. Yes, I recognize that the bible was written by men about their experiences and teachings that were inspired by God. Yes, I recognize that Jewish culture also played a major role in a lot of their laws which had divine interjections. Yes, I recognize that it may seem silly to disagree with a group of people who choose man-made beliefs as their laws when the bible clearly has man-made influences. I think my only justification is my belief and faith in the fact that the overarching teachings of love for God and love for fellow wo/man is 100% from God.


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