What if God was a woman?


There is no doubt according to the Christian bible that God is a father and a man with a divine plan. There is no denying the male influence when He created Adam first (and Eve the after-thought to give comfort and help to the man), He divinely created an “only begotten Son,” and of course there is the distinct testosterone influence throughout the world. So, if you are a Christian, there is only a God and absolutely no goddess in the spiritual hierarchy.

The bible talks about God in quite a few different light throughout the old and the new testament: the loving God, the vengeful God, the angry God, and the forgiving God. So here is a brain teaser what if God was a woman? What would be different? Would she be equally “quick to wrath” and proclaims she is a “vengeful God” or would she be more forgiving “seventy times seven” or a combination like a “double edge sword?” Would she create her only begotten daughter and give her a cross that includes beatings, piercings and ultimately a humiliating death on a cross?

The image of a female conjures up something very different from our “Holy Father who art in heaven.” There is the image that when her and Satania had a fight instead of banishment due to treason, the events might have been different to prevent an all out war of the angels. Satania and her would have gone off in their perspective corners to vent to their host of mixed gendered angels and later come back together over a cup of sinfully delicious tea to talk about their differences. It might have gone something like this: Satania “Goddess, I am so sorry for being such a demanding snake, could you forgive me?. Goddess “I am your Goddess. If you have a problem, you need to come to me so we can reason together. I will not tolerate disobedience. I will forgive you this time.” Satania would then bow to her creator and there would be peace amongst the heavenly beings. There would have been singing and rejoicing in heaven from the celestial mass choir.

In the old testament, God’s character was depicted as a very angry, warlike, and vengeful God. I recognize that I might be stepping on the burning rocks of blasphemy but the old testament is filled with more bloodshed than praises. After years of wandering and waiting, in comes the new testament with the 70’s feel of love, peace, and forgiveness “Father forgive them because they know not what they do.” Jesus’ character was depicted as the opposite of his Father’s. He was much more open to including others in the salvation process as equally as any blue blooded Jewish decendant.

Just imagine if God was a woman, then the Garden of Eden scenario might have played out differently. She might have banished any deceptorcons from her pristine paradise, gave the evil enticer its own domain to rule, and whomever wants to follow can do so at their own choosing. Maybe, if someone decided to repent of their wayward ways, it would not involve a sometimes confusing 2000+ years of trying to figure out if you are walking the narrow or broad road. The goddess might have made the process less like a bloody multilevel video game but with some very clear and immediate rules.

One cannot help but wonder how different the divine plan would be if the spiritual hierarchy had some major feminine influence. The bible has never indicated that the heavenly all-male club has any hint of a female angel hiding in the closet. Then again, the bible does not elaborate that much on the intricate details of heavenly life (except in some brief description of logistics in revelation).  Either way, Christians are instructed to have patience and hope because heaven will be a 180 degree difference from the hell on earth.



4 thoughts on “What if God was a woman?

  1. Harleyq2,
    As a child I remember asking my mother if God created us, who created God or where did God come from. As a man I realise the foolishness of my questions. God is God and we are the sheep of His pasture. That is just the way things are and it is not worth speculating on God.

    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom!

    1. I don’t think it was a foolish question u asked as a child. I certainly encourage others to ask certain questions. We are all curious about things and we are always wondering ‘what if’ even when we know there will never be an answer. The problem is dwelling on the questions in which there are no good answer or just no answer. For me, at a specific time in my life, that ‘what if God was a woman’ question was a curiosity. Plus, it was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek entry 🙂

  2. There was a reason God chose to be incarnate in the form of a man–exactly why from Scripture I don’t know as I don’t have any seminary or Bible training. But like you alluded to, Scripture is clear that God is Spirit–not male nor female. I think some of the questions you’ve asked are things we may not know the answers to until we meet Christ face-to-face.

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