Desperate Times, Ungodly Measures

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Most people, while growing up, usually imagine their adult lives as an easily navigated road. Most people have a very clear plan of with whom, what, when and where their lives will take them. However, the cruel reality about being an adult as well as with Christian beliefs is that the roads are never always clear and smooth as imagined.  With the state of the economy and the direction of the ‘doom and gloom’ of this world, many Christians are finding themselves in some difficult situations. They are facing the reality of life that desperate times pushes them to think and even act on ungodly measures.

This is not the first or will it be the last time that Christians have faced difficulty either as a group or as part of a larger population. Most bible believers are taught to hold fast to prayer, fasting, and all things glorifying God in order to make the difficulties of their lives more bearable. It follows in the teaching of God will not give you more than you can carry. For each person, her load bearing capacity is different. Or is it more like every Christian’s load bearing capacity is the same but emotional, cognitive and spiritual will/determination are different?

The secular world has the opportunity to make choices from the ‘broad road’ when push comes to shove. For the secular world, morality can be easily over ridden to do what is in the best interest of the individual. It is the survival of the fittest scenario. Christians do not  or should not have that mentality. However, when those desperate times are not particularly followed by measures that are Godly, the human nature in every God worshipper starts to ponder on the ungodly measures as a means to survive. The doubt, the questioning, the bewilderment at God’s allowance of such difficulty and pain begins to drown out the thanksgiving, the praise, praying and worshipping.

The ‘narrow road’ to salvation is quite limiting. Such restrictions can make the believer wrestle with his brief or long moment of wanting to choose the opportunity that the ‘broad road’ offers despite the fact that it can easily lead to ‘destruction.’ It is not always easy to hold onto God or faith when things are too good or going bad. The desperate times truly pushes the boundaries of one’s faith and beliefs. Even though not one believer can tell another just how much load s/he is capable of bearing, it puts things in perspective when reflecting on the early Christians who were fed to the lions for sport. Talk about really desperate times and still choosing God.


4 thoughts on “Desperate Times, Ungodly Measures

  1. Harleyq2,
    Long time I haven’t popped over here.

    An interesting article on the times we are living in. Indeed it is not easy to chose the narrow road when the wide road is much more tempting. Scripture tells us that perilous times shall come. I dare say they are here as well. But Scripture tells us we are to put on the whole armour of God so we are able to witstand the evil days. By our own strenght we cannot choose the narrow road. We have to rely on Christ. Just to show how desperate the times are look at the number of suicides that are occuring today.

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