Unveil Your Nakedness

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The woman’s body image is all the rage in the western societies. One cannot go too far without seeing a half-naked woman somewhere. Unfortunately for most of us women, there is a shortage of half-naked men running around to make the ogling field even :-). Nudity is the new black and the more one exposes, the more ‘appreciated’ you are at least by men and perhaps lesbians. As much as there seem to be a clothing optional clause for females, most women are avoiding this even in the privacy of their own homes and in front of their spouses which is most disturbing.

There is a mixed message for us: the first message is the more skin you show the sexier you are. The second message is a woman have to fit into a certain size mold to be considered sexy. The truth is both those premises are false. What if things were reversed and women demanded a certain body type from men. The mold would look something like: At least 6′ 1″ tall, very well toned (2 pack minimum abs), being athletic would be a plus, a full head of hair, topped off with an at least slightly above average penis in length and girth. So, let’s think of all the men you know and see how many of them would fit nicely into that ideal.

This is not to say that both Christian men and women should ignore their bodies. The size issue is on two very extreme sides, the skinny vs the obese, which puts pressure on singles and married alike. It’s very interesting how society ended up with such a problem especially thinking about Adam and Eve who spent their days naked before the devil’s interruption.  Can you image Adam pointing out that Eve’s breasts needed to be a little bigger and she should work a little harder to slim down her big hips a bit?

Society has moved from being ultra conservative to being ultra open. The true image of the body has been distorted beyond repair and women are the ones mostly affected. How many times have you walked through a crowed mall or event to see a very fat, beer bellied, and less than ideal body male walking with a woman who looks like she has a gym membership and uses it faithfully. However, it can be guaranteed that the woman is one who is feeling insecure about how she looks. These overt messages create quite a havoc for the Christian woman.

There is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable with your naked body.  It takes practise. Afterall,   everyone of us was born without a stitch of clothing. At least once or twice throughout each day we are naked. An unhealthy body image puts a strain on every aspect of our lives. This carries over to future or current relationships. When was the last time you looked at your naked body in the mirror and did not find at least 3 faults?  The important question is when was the last time you actually looked at your naked body and appreciated what God had blessed?


11 thoughts on “Unveil Your Nakedness

  1. Total nakedness is not “sexy” at all. It’s partial nudity that stirs the imagination. When women wore dresses that dragged the ground, men hovered around stairs in the hope of glimpsing an ankle. On beaches where women lie prone and unhook, unclasp and untie the back straps of their bras, men keep a close watch in the hope that she will lift up enough to spot her breasts dangling, even for a moment.
    But on “bare-a*s” beaches, totally naked women get hardly a glance.

    1. Robbie, I do agree that leaving something to the imagination is more sexy when in public. However, each person still needs appreciate his or her own body naked. It helps with ones self esteem.

  2. Since my last comments, I have become a full-blown nudist…a Biblical Naturist. My understand of Scripture with regards to nudity has made tremendous strides, thanks in part to Brother Matthew Neal, and his blog “The Biblical Naturist”. He has done a great job of searching the Scriptures to find out what the Bible says about nudity and nakedness. The reality is that the Bible says very little…

    Most Christians believe that when we were made in God’s image, it has to do with our moral and spiritual capabilities. The truth is that God’s image permeates us from our head to our toes – inclusive. We are God’s “image-bearers” because Jesus Christ bears OUR image…our humanity. From John’s gospel, we know that all of creation was created by Jesus Christ – the WORD. Jesus Christ was the principle agent of creation, so when He created Adam and Eve, He created the blueprint for the body He would one day take on. He also came into the world in the same way every other person born has, and ever will. While He had no human father, I believe He (Jesus) created His own perfect sperm that became part of His humanity, and brought Him into the world as a human…the God-Man…King David’s greater Son.

    While it is common in our society to think of some parts of our bodies as “nasty”, there really are no nasty parts. All parts serve a vital function. Ask the person who has had their colon removed, and has to use a bag. They would give anything to have their colon…and that “nasty” anus back and working properly. They lost a part of themselves when they had to have that surgery and those parts removed. Or how about that man that had to have his bladder removed, and has to use a suprapubic catheter and drainage bag. He would give anything to be able to go to the bathroom normally. Taking a leak would be a wonderful feeling, and his penis would be the most wonderful part of his body. If we see our body-parts as our Designer sees them, there are no “nasty” parts.

    As Christians, if we do believe the Scriptures, we should be actively reclaiming our nudity…our sexuality…our whole beings. While we may not have those “perfect” bodies that the media portrays, our bodies are perfectly-us, and nothing to be ashamed of.

    As a bit of a foot-note: Becoming a nudist has liberated my medical care, because I am no longer afraid of being seen by my medical care-providers. My false-modesty is history.

    I am naked and unashamed in Christ!


    1. I am not sure when the human body became demonized; however, many will site the implementation of sin in the Garden of Eden and the first couple having to cover themselves. Interestingly, babies are born naked and they are not aware of their state until being taught by society to cover up the “private parts.” The down fall of all that is we now find fault with everything because some random person tries to create a perfect image that is more fitting for plastic dolls rather than for real human beings. It is nice to love the skin you are in but for most people that will be a lifetime struggle. Christians/conservatives have a love/hate relationship with specific areas because it is not only functional but it brings pleasure. For too many, pleasure equates to sin and by default so does those ‘nasty body parts.’ I am not sure if I can go as far as being a nudist but I am definitely trying to appreciate my body more each day.

      1. I believe Adam and Eve covered themselves because of the shame of their sin, and the only thing they COULD cover was their bodies. In reality, it was the shame of their SIN that separated them from God, not their nakedness. God had created them, and seen them naked many times, but their discomfort at being seen naked was as a result of their sin against God. There certainly weren’t any other humans to see their nakedness.

        Many Christians use Adam and Eve’s covering themselves as “proof” that we should also be clothed, and God’s providing them clothes of skins strengthens their argument. Unfortunately this argument is entirely false, when it comes to “proving” that we must wear clothes, because it is not supported by the rest of Scripture.

        You mentioned some body parts being used for pleasure…and of course sexual pleasure is sinful…NOT!!!!! Not only is sexual pleasure NOT sinful, God has COMMANDED married couples to have sex. Tim and Beverly LeHaye have written a beautiful book about Christian married sex…”The Act of Marriage”. I would recommend it to any Christian, whether married or single, to help them put sex into a proper Biblical perspective. Yes, the church has demonized sex also…along with nudity, but in so doing, is falling directly into the hands of Satan…the father of lies, because those are heresies directly from the pit of hell.

        Some people are “born-nudists”, and never got indoctrinated that nudity and nakedness are “wrong”. The rest of us indeed will spend our lifetime unlearning all that religious and cultural programming, before we truly can become “naked and unashamed”. My journey has been long and tortuous, but I am thankful that others, who have gone before me, have laid the educational ground-work that I can learn from.

        I am naked and unashamed in Christ!


  3. Great post! I think there is way too much body-shame and false-modesty in Christian circles. Part of that is as a result of the severe asceticism that has overtaken Christendom. Even the Apostle Paul decried asceticism in his day. Children have clothing forced upon them the day they are born, and are told to “cover that dirty thing up” if they happen to forget pull their pants up after they use the bathroom. Since they are getting told that what God gifted them with is dirty, the body becomes something dirty that must not be exposed under any circumstances. If God created our bodies and called them “good”, why are we calling them “dirty”?

    That brings to mind a post I read some time ago on a Christian dating and marriage group. A young married lady was lamenting that her husband wasn’t paying her any attention any more. Come to find out, what she normally wore around the house was baggy sweat-pants and an oversize T-shirt. Certainly nothing there to get his attention. My recommendation to her was that she visit the nearest Victoria’s Secret store and buy herself some real eye-candy lingerie. Make herself look like his wife, not the cook and housekeeper. He might even postpone eating supper until he had her for dinner first. My question is “What was she ashamed of in front of her husband”? A couple’s own home, and particularly their bedroom are the places they should be free to be completely themselves…nakedness and all.

    I am no “eye-candy”. 56 years old and a bit overweight, but I am not ashamed of my body either. At the gym, I have no problem shedding my T-shirt to go into the pool or sauna. I was at a beach quite recently, and wore one of my “skimpier” bathing suits. It covered the 5% that had to be covered, but not much more. I loved the feel of the sun on my bare skin, and didn’t have a problem showing some. I was not immodest, but not falsely-modest either. And yes, I have had my share of nude massages also.

    We must both reject Satan’s call to total-immodesty AND our own ill-conceived asceticism and start treating this body like it truly is God’s special creation. In the proper settings there is nothing “dirty” about it. If there was something “dirty” about it, the Word would not have “become flesh and dwelt among us”, and had He not become flesh and dwelt among us, we would have no Savior.

    God bless!

    Steve M.

    1. Women are given so much more negative messages about our bodies to the point that even in marriage women feel ashamed. Women were blessed with such wonderful beauty to be used appropriately but the overwhelming shame inhibits that even in the marital relationship. Love your confidence. thanks Steve

  4. This is so true–and there’s _so much_ that could be said about this subject. In fact, it’s even more of a “black hole” than sex in Christianity, because it’s even more challenging and uncomfortable to talk about. But we desperately need to have a biblical perspective of it. It’s so difficult–but critical–to have a healthy view of our bodies and nakedness as God created us.

    Women are indeed bombarded with unrealistic expectations, deceit (hello, Photo-shopped models and images) and intense marketing pressure, all the while having to live in a world of double-standards. In general, men are more visual, but women are definitely targeted far, far more than men! Like you shared, if the tables were turned on men, it would be very embarrassing to say the least, as our male anatomy was not designed with aesthetic qualities. In biblical times in Israel, nakedness was rarely sexualized (many verses highlight this); in short, much of our view of nakedness is cultural; coming from one end of the extreme (Puritans) but now in the other extreme (“full-blown immorality and pornography are everything”). I believe as Christians, 1) nudity should never be sexualized (outside of the marriage bed) 🙂 2) we must value and cherish how God made us. He said it was “good” when He created us, why are we calling Him a liar? Personally, I’m a firm believer that God blessed women with the greatest beauty:

    “If God made anything more beautiful than a woman, He kept it for Himself.”

    If you’re interested in some challenging, but biblically-based thoughts on this, Pastor David L. Hatton (who is also a registered nurse) has some very insightful truths to think through on this subject:


    Some additional in-depth articles can be found here:


    Sorry this is so long, but great article! I think much more needs to be said about it…

    1. I agree with you. I love being nude and am not ashamed of my body, for Jesus took our shame as well to the cross and buried it. Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed until satan -serpent came into the picture and mankind became as God is; which God did not intend to. Jesus is the last Adam (1.Corinthians 15:40-50) who restored what Adam messed up until Revelation 22). I receive massages from women and am not embarrassed as long as they do not mind or it is against the law. Churches tell you what NOT to do like parents to little children; rebellion comes in a negative way as well, for children or adults in churches need positive input of what they are able to do to resolve the issues. Michael.

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