Modern Parents-The First Exposure To Evil

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In the season of remembering a very famous birth (not Santa Clause and presents), one cannot help but look at the parents of Jesus. Mary and Joseph were chosen by God for a reason. Apparently, He saw that these two people would “train up a child in the way he should go,” so that when Jesus was of age he would follow in the path that was meant for him. One might venture to say that without the good parental interventions for Jesus at an early age, he could have been easily dissuaded to choose a more sinister road.

Hannah, Samuel’s mother, was also a good example of a parent taking charge of her child’s life. She saw the importance and the value of her son and her role as a parent. Her best intentions for Samuel was to give him back to God. The saying is being a parent is the most important job anyone could do and they are right. A good parent nurtures the future generation, unfortunately, these recent generation of parents are doing more harm than good.

Instead of trying to protect a child from evil, parents are the ones inflicting hurt, harm and even death to their children. The news has become increasingly saturated with parent killing children or abusing them sexually and physically. In the style of hollywood, the abuse comes in the form of parading the child as a financial commodity, then letting their paid babysitters and agents become pseudo-parents. The children are then lost in an adult world, while the parents bask in the limelight and do their utmost best to become young and free teens again.

Spare the rod and spoil the child is deemed to be the new evil in discipline; however, allowing your child to run loose and have their ‘freedom’ is doing a world of hurt. In the age of political b.s. the true context of that verse has been lost. The point was not about corporal punishment but about effective consequences to a child’s behavior in order for him/her to learn. Many of the parents who cry ‘no spanking’ are some of the same ones who have loss the authority in their household and the child makes the rules while they cower in fear or shame.

Training starts from birth. This is such a foreign concept to new parents it’s mind boggling! Have you ever had to watch a 2 or 3-year-old kick and physically hurt her caregiver while the parent cry and lament “I don’t know what to do?” Coming from a generation in which the belt, firm verbal commands and a host of other disciplinary actions were used, it is safe to say that even the simplest rules of parenting are not passed down from parent to parent  anymore.  This very important cycle has been disrupted due to so many factors. Therefore, the recent generations have no idea what it truly means to be a parent. Having worked with parents and their children from the ages of 2-18 years old, I am convinced that most people should have been blessed with sterility. Yes I said blessed!  Because it is always a blessing when a fool is not allowed to spread its seed.

On the other hand, there should be a thunderous applause with a standing ovation for the people who have decided that parenting is not their cup of tea. These are the people who have actually put some thought into the most difficult job on earth and opted not to take the challenge. However, instead of supporting such a conscious decision, most are greeted with insult and identified as ‘selfish.’ The breeders believe that it is a right for every woman or couple to have a child while the nonbreeder, very rightly, see this as a privilege they choose to deny. Too often, it is the selfish person who decides to give birth because having a baby is the status or what is expected of them instead of thinking about how their parenting choices will affect the life of their child. It takes much more personal strength to admit that being a parent is not your calling in life than to have a child and screw up the job badly then expect someone else to fix the problem.

If the masses were not sure about the state of the youth, the demise of the sturdy family structure is now a source of entertainment (16 and pregnant, teen mom, super nanny, the jersey shore, toddlers and tiara etc.). This is a far cry from the parental expectation of what God had in mind when he chose Mary and Joseph. Children are no longer embarrassed to bring shame to the family (there is still some remnants of family pride in the Asian culture) while parents seem to feel a sense of pride over wtf behaviors. If the first line of defense has been eroded even before the child is old enough to be aware, then what is left to protect the future generation? The majority seem to fall into two styles of parenting: The absent parent or the fearful parent. I say bring back the literal rod and beat the ass of the child and the parents. There are so many of them that could use it.



4 thoughts on “Modern Parents-The First Exposure To Evil

  1. As a longtime reader/lurker, I totally agree with this post.

    Being raised with the belt, and verbal reprimands/rationale have done a great job to instill fear, respect, and love of my parents and God as a adult woman in today’s society. Having been with kids/students as a school nurse, I have run into some parents that are just that…in name only. Because of this and other factors, I had made the decision to not have any kids at all, and have been deemed selfish by friends and family. It does hurt at times, but considering how some kids are being raised these days, I feel that I made a good decision about my future. Now, if I could find a single man that will go along with this…*massaging temples*

    1. I am glad you decided to share you opinion Natasha. Good for you in your choice about parenting. I know the decision to be childless goes against the norm but in the end you have to do what’s right for you.
      🙂 God speed on the hubby hunt who shares you vision

    2. Natasha, IMO there’s nothing wrong with that decision. To be honest, I can’t imagine raising kids in this day and age. It’s increasingly becoming apparent that you have no rights to your own children.

  2. All too true, and soberingly so. 😦 Frightening too, that so many people either don’t see or simply don’t care about the consequences happening right in front of their eyes.

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