The Epitome of Marriage

The Lovings

Loving vs. Virgina was a legal case which went to the Supreme Court in the 1960’s. It centered around two people who were married and had a relatively normal life until they were incarcerated and then banished from Virginia. Their crime was being in an interracial marriage. The couple was very simple in their wants and needs which included the right to love each other in marriage, to be able to live together as man and wife, and raised their three children in their hometown close to family and friends.

A HBO documentary highlighted their struggles of an unwitting set of people who were forced into the limelight to battle racism and the right to be married. Their marriage was put to the test in which they were given the option of separation if they wanted  to live in their state of Virginia as man and wife or be exiled as a couple. During the presentation of arguments before the Supreme Court, the Attorney General of Virginia at the time stated that “The interracial marriage are subjected to greater pressure and problems” and therefore this is one of the reasons why they were prohibited. On the other hand, when the Lovings were asked about what they wanted to convey to the court, Mr Loving aptly stated, “Tell the court I love my wife and it is unfair to not be able to live with her….” They were granted the right to be married in Virginia. Unfortunately, Mr Loving was killed 8 years later in a car accident.

In this day and age where marriages last as short as a few hours, the population have forgotten the true meaning of love and commitment. The Lovings had to suffer through a lot more than many people could understand but they were willing to fight all the way to the Supreme Court just for the privilege of being husband and wife. Someone had commented that Mr Loving, a white man, could have easily saved himself the grief and left  his black wife but he did not because he loved her. They stayed together and faced the hatred because they loved and were committed to each other. Think about just how many marriages have failed under a lot less pressure.





The Obamas

“The look of love is in your eyes, The look your heart can’t disguise” are words from a song by Dusty Springfield and it poignantly describes the way the Obamas look at each other. This is not about politics but about two people, while under great public scrutiny, has found time to show the world that they are still in love and still have a marriage.

One of the interesting things about political figures are that they avoid showing any real affection in public, no, not nauseating pda, but a genuine image that they still are hot under the covers for each other. On the contrary, the affection that the Obamas show towards each other gives people hope that not all politicians’ marriages are in the dumps and the fire has cease to burn for years. With the dismal state of unions, it is refreshing to see two people still being in love while they are married.

One cannot imagine the pressure of being a president who still has to maintain his job as husband and father; however, President Obama has shown the world that despite the pressures from the outside, a good marriage can stand up to the test. Despite the malicious public branding the First Lady as ugly, fat etc , obviously her husband sees a strong and beautiful woman whom he chose to be his wife and the mother of his children.

  The way President Obama looks at his First Lady would make any woman melt to have someone show so much love by just a look. Marriage might be hard work but it is the simple moments like a look of love that makes it all worthwhile. When was the last time your husband looked at you that way? When was the last time you saw a man look at this wife so affectionately?

There are just too few images of good relationships in the public eye. It is easier to remember a long list of divorcées than happily married couples. The recent generations have forgotten the art of romance, committment and marriage. The recent trend is that couples do not know what it means to fight for each other instead of self. Maybe 1 Corinthians 13 would jog their memories. “…Love never fails. …but the greatest of these is love.”


3 thoughts on “The Epitome of Marriage

  1. This is a great article. I am from Virginia and did not know about this case in the sixties. I think that the commitment toward lasting love has changed because we do not have a proper view of it. Here is a blog I wrote about Dating and Marriage (it has a historical perspective in Christianity).

    1. Thanks Ressurrection. This case was a huge win for interracial dating and marriage. Marriage today is an option not a goal for many couples. Interestingly, the gay population is fighting for the right to be legally married and the heterosexuals are giving up the priviledge of marriage.

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