Open Season on the Uterus

It seems that the 2011-2012 political year should be called Happy Hunting Season for Women. It is pretty bad when even I, oblivious of politics, take notice of all the issues surrounding women. What is it about women’s reproductive system that is so threatening to everyone? I admit that my personal beliefs do not make room for abortion as a contraceptive. I know that some women carelessly use this method to cover their irresponsible behaviors. However, I do believe in abortion only in extenuating life and death medical emergency circumstances. Before anyone starts bitching about playing God with life and death, then think about that the next time someone needs extensive medical intervention to save a life. We all cognitively know that it takes only one time for a MAN to impregnate a woman; however, all the blame is solely place on the woman’s ‘slutty’ shoulders. Again why is that?

I get that Catholicism has its own non biblical views on contraception and reproduction but that is not the belief of all Christians. However, some aspects of this idea are gaining notoriety in the current political platforms. For instance, an Arizona female politician has proposed the  House Bill 2625 that allows employers the right to request access to medical treatment records if a woman is using her insurance to pay for her birth control. The employer is able to deny contraceptive medical coverage, which goes against his/her religious views, if the use is only to prevent pregnancy. Hello! the purpose Margaret Sanger intended for the pill was to PREVENT pregnancy to any sexually active married and single women. That means PREVENTATIVE PREGNANCIES for any woman who does not want a child or another child. The misconception is that only single promiscuous women need birth control. WRONG!!!!

These stringent measures that are being proposed and implemented for women will affect the majority of the population such as the poor women who rely on the assistance of the government health care and the middle class women who have private insurance. The rich is never affected. Before people begin to bewail the use of tax payers money for women’s reproduction, it is helpful to know that some of the women who are on government assistance do have jobs which do not pay enough to cover private health care. I use to work with some of these women. I like the fact that part of my income goes towards social programs. Even though it aggravates me to think that some of that money is given to people who misuse the system, it is being wasted, or pocketed by others, but the overall goal to help those in need is worth it. No one ever closes down a soup kitchen or shelter because there will be unscrupulous people who will misuse it. Jesus came and hobnobbed with the poor and the sinners not the bloody rich and self-righteous. He continued to share bread with Judas Iscariot who was amongst the 12 even though he knew he would betray him. The poor is a part of the population that needs assistance and that is the Christian thing to do.

People say all this hoopla will die down once the elections are over. This probably will be true but the issue is once you plant a seed and give it enough nourishment then it will grow whether one intended it or not (eg. Az and Tx). Women’s rights and religion seem to be locked in a never-ending battle. The problem is that this battle is constantly being instigated by religious conservative MEN. The gender who once believed that women had penis envy, that women did not feel pleasure during sex, and our purpose  is for pleasure, procreation, cooking, cleaning and obeying without questions. Did I fail to mention that of course all this in the Bible!!! [sarcasm]

Why am I so riled up about this assault on a woman’s uterus? Let’s see, even though this does not affect me, I am still a woman. It is because buying condoms (which are for men) are easy, nonprescription and cheap. Buying birth control (which are for women) is not easy, prescription, and are not always cheap. Both methods are for prevention but only one is a source of contention. It is because getting the snip snip is easier and less expensive for men and it is the opposite for women. It is because I have worked with the poor and mentally ill population. I have seen an adult with the mind of a 10-year-old get pregnant with her “boyfriend” after she did not take her birth control. I have seen a heroin addict mother give birth and lose custody to her 4th or 5th child. I have seen a woman with the mind of probably a 6-year-old, usually smell like pee (because she peed on herself all the time), wanders the street with a very serious mental illness who had missed her contraceptive injection and was on her usual sexual promiscuity with men who took advantage and the staff’s major hope is that she is not pregnant. It is because not everyone who wants to go the route of the Duggar’s  or take your chances during sex, by monitoring the menstrual cycle and the withdrawal method, because women cannot afford birth control.

If all this is to curb out-of-marriage sex ie. fornication and adultery, then it is a bad way to address the problem. It still takes two people to have sex unless there is another way that is not clear to me; however, the woman gets the brunt of the consequences. It is reminiscent of Mary who was about to be stoned for her fornication and devilishly there was absolutely no male accused. It was St Augustine who reportedly stated to God “Give me chastity and continence but not yet.” This can be applied to the politicians and other rich conservatives who are on the uterus warpath because they and their wives are past the childbearing age and are wealthy. If they were all young men in their teens and twenties who were still in the prime of their ‘whoring’ ways, then we would not be having these ridiculous bill proposals and arguments. One can bet that the women to whom they are currently married were not their first sexual encounter and God help the women if they had said… “sweetie we are going to have a baby [out-of-wedlock].”

If this is about religious institutions objecting to funding abortions, then there should be alternatives implemented to deny such an expense just the same way coverage is denied for other medical procedures. Where are the public service announcements for the men to keep it in their pants? or the announcement that says if you get a woman pregnant (married or single women), to suck it up and take care of your offspring no matter the cost. Maybe this would help, for every woman who request an abortion she has to give up the name of the father and his bank account will be lien to pay for the procedure or face other consequences like all the other deadbeat sperm donors.

There are plenty of countries whose political and religious laws have jurisdiction over women and their bodies. Ironically, America has been at war with quite a few of them and condemn their oppressive practice. However, the religious conservatives now believe that a specific religious belief gives the right to ever so slowly start restricting their female citizens.The tunnel vision people will yell that if a woman (married or single) cannot afford birth control out-of-pocket, then she should not be having sex. The response is then make sure those men who are having sex with these women always use condoms (which are cheap and easy to attain), pick up the habit of abstinence, if you want sex, then you pay for the monthly birth control out-of-pocket, or I heard long showers are 100% safe. Many might think that this is nothing to get excited about but change (for the good or bad) always starts small, then spreads massively and before you know it then it is not just about one very silly thing anymore.

I welcome thoughts whether pro or con about this issue.


7 thoughts on “Open Season on the Uterus

  1. It takes two to tango, and two to make a baby, so it isn’t solely the woman’s responsibility to provide for her own birth-control. There has only been one immaculate-conception, and He is at the Father’s right hand making intercession for the saints. It is time that men start manning-up and start taking responsibility for where they insert their penis and inject their sperm. Yes, birth-control is equally the man’s responsibility. Condoms are cheap and readily-available, and may even be available free if a person knows where to go to get them.

    Connie, my first wife, and I got married in April 1978. She was on the pill when we got married, but we back that up with Encare vaginal suppositories because we didn’t want to take any chances on a pregnancy until we were ready for children. Yes, that even included on our wedding-night. She had to go off of the pill shortly after we got married because the mood-swings it caused were horrible. We continued to use the Encare until I got tired of the mess they created and started using condoms. I wish I had bought stock in the Trojan Company back then, because I would probably be a rich man by now. We used condoms when we needed birth-control until October 1988 when I had my vasectomy. Connie was pregnant with our fourth child, so there was plenty of time for my plumbing to get free of sperm before we would need birth-control again. By the time the baby was born, I was a certified blank-shooter, and officially sterile. If I couldn’t get Connie pregnant again, I wasn’t going to get any woman pregnant.

    I believe that contraception should be cheap and readily-available, and if Big-Pharma wasn’t profiteering on contraceptives, it WOULD be cheap. If our government is going to spend money funding abortions, it should take part of that money and fund FREE birth-control clinics, where contraceptives could be handed out to those who couldn’t afford them otherwise, and that should include free condoms.

    I took my birth-control responsibilities seriously. How many other men are willing to man-up and take their seriously? Guys…if you put it in, you are responsible for what comes out.


  2. It would seem to me that the simplest solution is to deregulate birth control and sell off shelves like any other product.

  3. This has been made into a Catholic Church issue, it’s not. The HHS mandate is forcing religious people, organizations, hospitals
    & educational institutions to provide abortion inducing drugs,
    contraceptive and sterilization in direct contradiction to deeply held
    moral beliefs. But the issue is not about contraceptives nor the
    availability of these, contrary to many media reports and the
    propaganda efforts of Planned Parenthood and its associates. That
    may be the ignition for our need to respond, but the issue is plain
    and simply our religious freedoms are being assaulted by our
    government. RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS…First Amendment to the constitution.

    1. Thanks for you view on the issue. I understand the religious freedom issues regarding religious organizations being forced to provide means for abortion through health insurance which was what started this issue. As I said, I do not support abortion as a contraceptive; however, the disturbing thing for me is the fact that this has spun so far out of control it’s becoming ridiculous to the point of being intrusive as in the case in AZ. As well as what some presidential candidates are proposing regarding women. There are better options to these solutions but so far most of these are pushing for things I do not agree as a woman.

  4. I have just nominated you for the TMI Blogger Award, it will be posted on my blog tomorrow. So check out the rules to accepting the award. 🙂

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