4 comments on “Men Need to Feel Love Too

  1. I just wanted to say that I was really encouraged by your posts tonight. It’s like you are able to say all the things I have been thinking as a Christian single.I’m so glad I found this, I needed it tonight. Keep it up and Thanks, you have really helped me in more ways than you know.

    • You are welcome Hannah. I figured that there would be a few people out there who understood the real (silent) stress of being Christian and single

  2. What you say here is so very true. I know many men, including myself, who try to be the strong and silent type when things are hard and ultimately, we end up feeling alone, isolated, and unappreciated. Anyone can bear a burden with the support of others…but when we carry that burden alone, are expected to always be the strong one, we often fold. I know of some women who are excellent at looking after their boyfriends and husbands…who want their husbands to show their emotions and ask for support when they need it. Those couples…well…they are the strongest couples out there.

    • It has been in recent years that the behavioral health community is recognizing the increase rate of depression in men. This idea of being strong, silent and bearing the world on their shoulders alone is a leading cause for their depression because they feel isolated and unsupported. I am definitely glad that the tide is changing.

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