4 comments on “Mating Scene For Christians

  1. You say several good things here because honestly, you never know where you are going to find a future partner…whether just for dating or someone you actually wish to marry. You also never know how meeting will person may impact the rest of your life. I mate my current girlfriend doing volunteer work at the place where she works. I went to take part in an event and she helped me when I was feeling rather lost as to where to go and what to do. About a month and half later, she and I began dating and have been dating for close to 10 months now. Also remember this fact…you never know what could come from someone you meet who may not, at that first meeting, be the model Christian you may be seeking. I will speak honestly here in that when I met my girlfriend, I was slowly finding a relationship with God that had been absent for MANY years. When we began talking, her faith and conviction were two of the things that drew me to her. Since she and I began dating, I have found a new and amazing relationship with God. I have accepted Christ as my savior and have been baptized. I have become active in my church and I am grateful for it every day. She didn’t make me do it nor did she insist that I do it. I did it of my own accord and many of my church activities are completely separate from her own. She has told her own friends, in front of me, that she couldn’t be happier that she took a risk on me the day I asked her out.

    • Congrats on your relationship and renewal of faith. That really is the funny thing about life, when you least expect it, something good can happen just by going about your normal life.

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