4 comments on “Churches With Secrets

  1. Very true. Would love for you to read my post about Groeschel. I write about chil sexual abuse and the church at times. People of faith do need to understand the dynamics of healing for an offender clergy or not.

  2. Yes, mankind (male and female) put God into a box and listen to Pastors on the Pulpit or Priests depending; but God is huge in the spirit: Jesus holds half the world in each hand. Earth literally is His Footstool: He has His feet upon the earth. I heard one Pastor say once: no touching (holding hands) or anything else until marriage. Most Pastors do NOT even talk about it at all. In Christian bookstores are various books about dating, marriage etc. Our bodies are pure and created in the Likeness and Image of God; the spirit man is our real self and our physical body a copy of it. Nothing to be ashamed of, except what man does and says to it. Michael.

  3. Christianity is so simple…men like to complicate what God has deemed easy to understand. I’m Catholic and I agree with your sentiments. I stay for the comfort of it all (plus I have an awesome priest). I have studied and adopted some non-Christian practices…God is so much bigger than we want to believe with our small minds.

    • “God is so much bigger than we want to believe with our small minds.” I agree. I remember a pastor saying that we tend to put God in a box. Each denom seem to do that way too often and believes that God only belongs to them

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