Questioning the Bible

I had taken a hiatus from blogging because there seem to be nothing of great interest in the religious world to blog about at this time. When it comes to religion, there are so few things to discuss before I start repeating yourself. I am not back with a renewed vigor but with a struggle of the bible and believing kind.

Here is my religious struggle. I have stopped attending church on a regular basis because I just don’t want to be there and I am having some serious questions about the bible. I do visit a church on occasion (when I visit my church-going parents) and I do acknowledge that some of the messages are pretty good. However, I am becoming an unbeliever in the word-for-word bible. I do unwaveringly believe that a God exists and he created the things we see but the details which are laid out by the Christian bible (any religion as a matter of fact) seems a bit fuzzy.

I have realized that faith in one’s religion takes a lot of gusto, trusting, and naivety. It’s like that passage in which Jesus states that you have to be like a child to enter into the kingdom of heaven. He was right. Children believe a lot of things without question. It is only when we question that we (I) start scratching my head thinking W-H-A-T??? Interestingly, the same bible encourages the believers to test and see ‘if it is true.’ Unfortunately, my testing has led to more questions that no one seems to be able to answer.

I recognize that this could be a phase (a very long phase) but I have no intention of denying my ambiguity about the bible and religion. I am not ready to toss out the bible and neither am I willing to venture to the dark side of atheism. Something just seems ‘rotten in Denmark’ but the alternative to walk away does not seem right either. What to do? What to do?

With all that being said, the true face of Christianity is quite majestic: The caring for others; The willingness to call a stranger brother or sister;  The sense that there is so much more to life than what the eye can see. Ironically, I have not given up prayer. It is quite a comforting practise-afterall, I do believe in the existence of a God who can see and hear. The essence or the ‘spirit’ of religion is hard to resist in such a f-up world. It’s almost like a peace in the midst of chaos. I guess that’s the part I find very difficult to give up despite my questioning.


17 thoughts on “Questioning the Bible

  1. The problems that I have are not so much with the Bible itself, but with how many Christians interpret or misinterpret it. Verses are taken out of their context to try to “prove” something from the Bible. Some supposed “Bible-scholars” and commentators seem like they don’t even know how to read the text they are commenting on, because their own cultural-interpretation and axe-grinding get in the way.

    My mom has been trying to “prove” to me from the Bible that being a nudist is “wrong”. The passage she pulled up this morning was from a prophesy against Babylon, using the imagery of forced-nakedness to describe to upcoming military conquest. Babylon was going to be “raped” and the people were going to be dehumanized. That passage had nothing to do with ordinary nakedness where a person still retains their human dignity and are naked by choice, not naked by compulsion.

    If you haven’t read it already, “Twisting the Truth” is my examination of several passages from the Bible, along with commentary taken from a couple of popular commentator’s works.


    1. Yes Steve,
      Interpreting the Bible can be very culturally bias. The bible was written in a specific time that is very different from the here and now. While many things are applicable, because human nature does not deviate too much, there are also many things that need to be ‘interpreted’ to match our culture and times, and other things that are not applicable. The highly religious are not willing to acknowledge this blatant fact which can make it very frustrating and confusing.

  2. Dear sister, anyone who doesn’t earnestly seek with their whole heart to know the soundness of the faith they grew up with usually ends up avoiding tough questions of the human condition and eventually isolating their faith from real life by compartmentalization. Your spiritual journey seems healthy, as long as you don’t fall into the wasteland of cynicism. I don’t think you will.

    But in your journey, I suggest an author to you: E. Stanley Jones, a missionary statesman to India, and a believer way ahead of his time. His emphasis is on Christ as the Center. All else, including interpretations of the Bible shaped by Western cultural values, are peripheral. If you can find an old copy of his 1925 book CHRIST OF THE INDIAN ROAD, it would bless your mind, but especially your heart.

    Also, I have written an essay about my own questioning quest called “Journey to the Center of My Heart” on my website. It’s GOOGLEable. God bless you, sister!

  3. Hiya,
    I am in a similar place, I love God I find church so hard. I go their and I feel empty like I just don’t belong here. I dunno if its just this place that singles plus 35 go through where church just hasn’t got a place, I dunno if I just don’t relate to it anymore and some if the things I see in church just don’t make sense anymore. Eg not relating or bring able to reach out to the needs of a postmodern society. Questioning aspects of why do we do this.

    I know God is coming soon as I have spoken to a few friends who are all in this place.

    I pray sporadically but I decided early this week to give church another go, I know Jesus is coming soon and it’s not this be saved by going to church. But I think the devil is trying his hardest to attack us now. Maybe that’s why we are going through this.

    Recently someone said this to me;

    “If your gift is so important to God
    Of course the devil is going to try and mash you up!”

    I can’t lie it has played on my mind a lot. I think it’s the same for you to.

    There is nothing wrong with you questioning I think you just have to shout out loud to God you need some answers otherwise your gonna walk (if that make sense). Wait for a reply.

    I am gonna try to do the church thing again, figured at least I should try and let God do the rest he knows where I am at and how I feel and I have told him I find the church thing hard, empty and i just feel lost in there But I am gonna try.

    Just wanna say I am gonna pray for you too, I know it’s weird times and your a strong woman the best is yet to come and all that jazz. Thanks for your blog and your honesty.

  4. Don’t stop praying. God will answer ALL of your questions, but he may not answer them in the way you expect.

  5. Faith is not naive it is a decision, often the key which unlocks doors. Sometimes we do have unanswered questions because of how people behave in their humanness. I used to feel crazy if I couldn’t get to church on Sunday morning. I have lost faith in people, parishioners, but not God. He’s real! Keep writing.

  6. Dont give up on God and CHristianity. Trust in Gods word (KJV Bible). The world will have you to think that you are missing out, but wait on the Lord, He will renew your strength. The devil is a liar and he wants as many people to go to Hell with him when Jesus comes back. Dont fall into temptation. God loves you. His love will never change, even when the world does. Ask Him for a spirit of discernment and to help you to be content with the things you dont understand. Jesus died for you. You have a friend in Jesus. praying for you 🙂

  7. Hey well its called the winter of the soul. Its suppose to make you stronger in faith. Keep seeking Jesus Christ. Church is not suppose to be a barren but something to lift you up. God intended it that way. So talk to him. Or maybe attend another church. Just dont stop seeking. God made us curious for a reason. He is hiding himself in hopes you are going to find him. If you seek God with all your heart you will find him and be satisfied. Dont give up. Your in the middle of the desert but continue walking and one day it will end.

  8. I don’t think what you are experiencing is that “abnormal.” in this crazy world that we live in, with all that is wrong, we are often pushed and tested in our faith.

    I can only speak for myself here, but I know that the few times I attended church between my teenage years and this past year, back when I truly struggled with faith, depended a greatt deal on who delivered the message. A great pastor or priest can truly inspire us to look deeper into God’s word. The other piece, I believe, is finding a group of believers who you can share fellowship with.

    In my own journey of faith, I admit there have been times where I have had to lean on my men’s fellowship group, my pastors and friends and loved ones who share my faith. I don’t believe there is any shame in that because by turning to these people, we are in fact turning to Christ for support since he lives in each of us.

    Another thought so you don’t think beat yourself up…even Peter faltered in his faith and he was the rock which the church was built upon.

    1. Thanks for kind words Barksdale. A strong supportive group of believers are invaluable. I have experienced that before and perhaps is looking for again. It could be that I need to push through this moment of unbelief/questioning in order to make a full commitment.

  9. I was just wondering if you perceive your belief in Jesus Christ, separate from “religion”. Personally, I believe that there is a big difference between the two.

    1. I know that sometimes I use both interchangeably but I recognize the vast difference. I do have a larger issue with religion and more so christianity in this case (because that is my religious affiliation). Jesus Christ falls into his own interesting category.

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