4 comments on “Church Goers Vs Christians

  1. Going to church isn`t really a big deal. It`s important to do at somepoint, but it may not be important for you right now. Eventhough all Christians are called to fellowship with other christians, the bible talks more about fellowshiping with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit directly. Pray to God asking for direction, then get up believing that you will recieve it. Sometimes this is hard, but I speak from experience. Believe that the Holy Spirit will lead you to all the ways that are true — this is a pratical use of faith and it works. Seriously – believe that God is leading you and that your thoughts are a reflection of this trusting that if they aren`t, God will let you know. And you will know that it is Him because He`s clear. Real Christians are flawed because of our flesh, the sin nature, and while we know Satan attacks us all the time, we have authority over Satan but using that authority takes faith and growth in God. I`m glad that your seeing the mistakes in people – its what happens when people lean on themselvess and others. God call us to lean on Him, so please pray to Him for direction.

  2. I think I put my last post under the wrong blog entry lol

    I am in a similar place, I love God I find church so hard. I go their and I feel empty like I just don’t belong here. I dunno if its just this place that singles plus 35 go through where church just hasn’t got a place, I dunno if I just don’t relate to it anymore and some if the things I see in church just don’t make sense anymore. Eg not relating or bring able to reach out to the needs of a postmodern society. Questioning aspects of why do we do this.

    I know God is coming soon as I have spoken to a few friends who are all in this place.

    I pray sporadically but I decided early this week to give church another go, I know Jesus is coming soon and it’s not this be saved by going to church. But I think the devil is trying his hardest to attack us now. Maybe that’s why we are going through this.

    Recently someone said this to me;

    “If your gift is so important to God
    Of course the devil is going to try and mash you up!”

    I can’t lie it has played on my mind a lot. I think it’s the same for you to.

    There is nothing wrong with you questioning I think you just have to shout out loud to God you need some answers otherwise your gonna walk (if that make sense). Wait for a reply.

    I am gonna try to do the church thing again, figured at least I should try and let God do the rest he knows where I am at and how I feel and I have told him I find church hard, empty and i just feel lost in there But I am gonna try.

    Just wanna say I am gonna pray for you too, I know it’s weird times and your a strong woman the best is yet to come and all that jazz.

    • Outcast,
      All the things you mentioned are the reasons I feel weird going back to church. I do feel obligated to go back but not the emotional pull. I am very aware of the signs of the times but for some reason that’s still not enough. You are right that God knows so… it’s difficult to reconcile why things are so difficult.
      God speed with going back to church. Prayerfully, this will be your answer and renewal. Thanks for the prayer. We all need to pray for each other.

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