7 comments on “Single + Single ≠ A Match

  1. This site made me think back to a time when my father and stepmother tried to.fix me up with their mechanic. Now I have nothing against mechanics, but this guy stank of booze, had no conversational skills,.and had.a.mouth full of rotton teeth. When I told Dad I didn’ t find him attractive, Dad pointed out that he could fix my car for free, and “He’s single, isn’t he?” Thanks, but no thanks.That was 19 years ago.Today I have a nice boyfriend and a great mechanic.

    • LOL…Your step dad only saw ‘single’ and ‘free car repair.’ Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they suggest certain people as potential partners

  2. It is very hard to be single in the church that I attend. Every where I look there is couples. I was a couple until a year and a half ago- I know there are couples but being a single was more difficult for me at the start and now I am indifferent.

    I do want to meet someone who is in the church and who has a walk with Christ and who can be the head of the house.

    Yes I agree that those who have had a very easy life make it difficult to not be rubbed the wrong way!

    Lets remain encouraged- I know God has a plan- I am working on focusing on my career and learning about the me that He’s made me to be.

    • Being single is the best time to focus on yourself and learning more about you. There are so many who skip that important step. Introspection helps you to become a stronger and better person and therefore will be able to choose a partner more compatible.

      • I totally agree- this time I have been using to get to know myself better, and know God as well. My church did Alpha- and I attended it. I really learned a lot about why we’re here and what I am as His child. Since I had walked way from God while I was in this relationship- I learned the very painful reason why God doesn’t want us to be unequally yoked- last June 2012 my sister married an agnostic. It was like watching myself make that very mistake again… now I am praying that she discovers Christ again and not only that that her husband would find him as well- as he is verbally and emotionally abusive. I know how that feels since I was in an emotionally abusive feeling as well. Restoration is God’s handy work. I pray for that daily. For both her and myself.

        I did not want to skip this step especially as for most of my 20’s was spent with my ex and now I am in my 30’s but I am definitely more of the me that I know that God wants me to be!

        Thanks and God Bless!

        • Carolyn, I am glad that you are finding your strength in yourself and with God. I pray that God continues to bless you and help you in your journey. It is not always going to be easy or smooth but the journey has to start somewhere for all of us.

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