Angry with God

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I have to thank a commenter on making me think about that very dreadful feeling of “anger” when it comes to God. I have posted quite a few thing in regards to the Christian Deity but never have I admitted to ever being angry. Why is that?

I would venture to say that using the phrase “angry with God” is equivalent to “I don’t believe in God.” I was taught to never be angry with God or at least never to say it out loud. Most Christians are the same way. When tragedy strikes God-fearing people, they will become angry at everyone else but when it comes to their feelings towards God, they are more subdued or suppressed.

When someone admits to such a strong feeling towards the Creator, then another Christian will quickly squash that thought because ‘you can’t be angry with God.’ Ummmm…. Why can’t I be angry with God? Afterall, it is one of those natural feelings even the bible says that God exhibited. Jesus was not mildly perturbed by the money changers in the temple, he was pissed and even became physical. So, if this is a feeling two of the Godhead can express, then why can’t a Christian be angry but not just angry – angry with God?

We are taught that God controls everything and therefore when something good happens we say thanks. So does it stand to reason that when something bad happens we can be angry with HIM? Or is that against the Christian-God rules governing our relationship?

Well here is my truth. I have been angry with, disappointed with, frustrated with, happy with, and thankful to God. I have experienced a gamut of emotions all pointed towards the Big Guy In-Charge. I have expectations of God and when I don’t see them then I experience those unpleasant emotions. I have not quit waiting on God for some thing. However, for the most part, I just chose to continue to make the best choices and if God wants something else from me then he is certainly  capable of letting me know. If I am on the right track, then he is still certainly capable of letting me know that too.

I have also quit listening to people who will say – if you STOP and wait for God… or  if you GO then God will…. The last time I checked God was OMNI-(add various suffix) and He will do what He will do. Afterall, if a God can have  someone swallowed by a whale and use the animal like a maritime vessel; a donkey talked to convey some pretty important message; the sun stood still and the universe did not go crashing in on itself; and the dead lived again then, He is certainly capable of handling me being pissed at Him every now and then.

I am even peeved at God sometimes for allowing the devil to have so much power to create so much misery. It’s like a parent allowing a spoiled child to run loose and create havoc before addressing the issue. So Yes!!! I do get angry with God and like most relationships I get over it until the next time.


8 thoughts on “Angry with God

  1. I think Christians too often miss the difference between the possibilities of God versus certainties of His actions. We all know what God “can” do. What most people want is knowledge of what God “will” do. Christians often dodge those tracks because their wheels lack the oil needed to complete the travel. In other words, they resort to romantic cliches about God being a matchmaker and use verses in a wishy-washy way to defend their responses. The truth is that we don’t know what or if God is doing anything regarding intimate partners. Once people stop inserting cultural mandates into Scripture, they might actually realize the truths and limitations.

    1. I truly believe in an all-powerful God who make choices about what he “will” do. I certainly do not kid myself that because it seems “good” and I pray for it, then he will make it happen. However that idea goes again Christian philosophy that says if you pray God will give at some point in your life. My Christian philosophy is that God will do what God wants to do. After all, He is the creator and we are supposed to be govern by all his rules.

  2. It is certainly God’s fault why a man like me isn’t married with a family today, and why on earth would i ever Blame myself to begin with when i see so many very lucky men and women together with their Families? Absolutely Not.

    1. I can say that God does play a big role in our lives which includes spouse and family choices. I will not insult you with Christian clichés; but I will say there are many people out there who share your frustrations.

  3. blah,blah.i am so miserable waiting .waiting.for 30 yrs.for a husband.i use to go to church 3 x a week.had bad experiences with so called christain men.blah,blah.pray and God will answer yours prayers.what they forgot to tell you that answer may be no,no.blah,blah.

  4. I think occasional anger with God is natural. However, what helped me with this was something a.good friend told me: that Jesus died on the.Cross for us,.and feelings have nothing to do with it. It is a fact. We cannot base our beliefs on how we feel from day to day.

  5. You have a very good point. It’s hard sometimes not to be angry with God. However, the bible says be angry but sin not(Ephesians 4:26). So it’s a heart issue. If we blame God for everything instead of praise Him, is our heart truly where it needs to be? Isn’t a healthy relationship more on terms of unconditional love and adoration? Why do we want to blame such a faithful, worthy God?! A creation doesn’t rule over its creator!

    1. I think when most people say they are angry with God it is more about the fact that God has the power to change things while we can not. It’s about control – God can control everything but we can’t and that sense of powerlessness is projected outwards or upwards. I think it’s like being mad at the person you love because they are safe and will be able to understand (even if the reason for the anger has nothing to do with them)

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