An Ode to Good Men

This is an ode to men who have been good fathers, good friends, good husband, good lovers, and decent human beings who take on the challenge of their responsibilities and do it to the best of their abilities. This is an ode to good men.

The words good man in its true context has been used very rarely. Women are whispering to each other that there is a lack of good men or ‘all the good men are taken’ but that may be fallacy. I have never been that cynical and I tend to ignore such rumors because that is the same sentiment some men say about women as well.

In my last year or two, I have been consistently exposed to two men whose words and behaviors can easily make any woman think that all men are useless, self-serving pigs. It’s almost like subliminal brainwashing. I actually found that my recent thoughts were leaning more towards the negative generalization. When I do encounter something different from these two influences, it is such a stark difference and almost a sigh of joy that not every man is like them.

The news was a buzzed with a father who snapped pictures of himself combing his daughter’s hair while carrying his other baby girl in a harness. I absolutely loved that picture – it was reaffirming to see that God created little baby boys who grew up to be responsible good men. Because of that picture and some negative backlash, more men came out with videos and pictures showing their good characters as active and involved fathers.

The valentine’s season has begun and many men are planning how they are going to ‘get it right’ because it is their time to shine. On the other hand, a good man does not need to sweat for February 14 because he has been living up to his responsibilities every single day and he will continue to do so for every mundane day that follows.

Good men have nothing to prove in a game of who is more macho. Good men understand the value of the loved ones in their lives. Good men tell the truth and have no need to lie frequently in which they may not even know the truth. Good men show respect to women with their words and behaviors. Good men do not take advantage of others. Good men will see a problem and are willing to assist when possible. Good men understand the difference between right from wrong and behave accordingly. Good men understand their importance as husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. Good men show you who they are without any use of facades.

Good men do the best they can with what they have available. Good men are not constantly drunk or high. Good men acknowledge their faults and weakness and learn to ask for assistance. Good men do not pretend they are invincible. Good men can get frustrated; they can feel down; they can fail; they can make mistakes; they can experience weakness and even cry; however, good men know they need to rise above the setbacks and make better decisions. Good men know how to learn for the better.

Good men can do laundry, cook, clean the house, don’t know how to fix a leaky faucet, comb their daughters’ hair and play tea with them. Good men can be garbage men to CEOs of fortune 500 companies. Good men can be fat, skinny, built, old, and young. A good man can be a brother, neighbour, boss or the guy a woman is currently dating.  Being a good man is all about the characteristics one chooses to embody.

I do not believe that all the good men are taken. I do not believe that they are in short supply. Those men to whom I refer are actively involved or being pursued by women who do not know the character of a good man.  Good men are around us and who interacts with us in different capacity. At times, it seem hard to identify good men because they may be lost among the more outwardly dazzling but inwardly rotten men. God created little boys who grew up to become good men and they are still in existence.

So, a toast to all the good men – taken or single

How many good men can you identify?


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