The Value of Family

Blood relationship is a tricky thing. You are biologically related to these people and you had no say whether this is what you wanted or not. Some of these blood relations are people whom you enjoy and others you wish you could put in a rocket and send them to the farthest galaxy. My family is no different.

As I have aged, one additional year in the last week, I cannot help but look at the people around me whom I call blood relation. This week I had the opportunity to give back to two very special people in my life. I do not always appreciate them and sometimes I am upset with them, embarrassed and annoyed by them but above all else love them. They are my parents.

I am blessed to have been raised by my mother and father. I was their first anniversary gift so we share a day each year.  I have become accustomed each year to having a phone call (when not in person) which goes like this “Happy Birthday” “Thank you” “Happy Anniversary” “Thank You.” I chuckle at this every year. I find it funny-my own personal silliness.

My parents are aged – 70’s and 80’s – I am very aware of their mortality. For the first time since my birth, I decided to honor them with a getaway in which we could celebrate together. This trip was more for them than for me. I was being a good daughter. I could not help but notice that due to their age they have more needs- Frequent bathroom stops, they walk slower and they tire more easily. Their minds are still sharp but the bodies are troublesome. For this anniversary, I truly wish I had the gift of age reversal.

I see kids who disrespect (this includes a sibling of mine) and discard their parents for silly selfish reasons; however, when I think about mine, I am constantly grateful because they have been supportive as far back as I can remember. It is because of them that I still believe in the importance and value of blood family. I guess it is true when they say once a parent always a parent no matter the age of the child. I can say without a doubt that if my parents pass away before I do then it will be a tremendous loss and I would feel the true sense of being alone in this world.

My parents are simple folks and I have surpassed them when it comes to certain things; however, no amount of education or knowledge of the world is a substitute for a caring family. One of my lifelong childhood wishes was always that I could do more for them than they have ever done for me. However, as wonderful a parent as they are, I don’t think that wish can ever be but I certainly keep trying.

Good family is important but we fail to realize that until it is too late. I see that in my own blood related family. We quickly forget the people who are important until we no longer have them around. I have been given the opportunity to recognize my parents’ value and I pray it never slips my mind for a moment.

Happy 39th Anniversary to my wonderful parents.


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