God’s Plans Are His Not Mine

The Bible says very clearly that God has HIS plans for us. He is the author of HIS creation and therefore knows how it will all end. We are here to fall in line.

It amuses me when people testify that God answered their prayers or believers share an enthusiastic belief that God has great things planned for their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that in HIS great plan there are some people who are destined to play certain roles in this game of good vs. evil. God already knows the beginning from the end; He sees what’s in the heart; so it stands to humanly reason that our prayers (God knows what we want even before we ask) are mere ritualistic tribute.

Prayer is comforting. I still do it and it typically sounds more like a one sided conversation. I do not go into details about what I do/don’t want anymore because He already knows. He also knows whether he will give or not give it to me. He knows if he will give me something completely different from what I have been asking. He can even give me something I never thought about. The prayer is merely for my peace of mind and trying to keep some connection. I usually end my prayer with something like “well it’s all up to you” or “if it’s your will.” This is not a flippant ending but an acknowledgement that I do believe God is in charge of everything – whether I wake up in the morning, my next job, my family circumstances etc.

Since childhood, I have been given various images of God. The one image that still lasts even until today is very closely related to a depiction of Zeus with his lightening bolt. As I got older, God was simultaneous presented like a loving father as well. As much as I have tried, I never saw God as a father or at least not in the sense that the clergy wants us to see HIM. I have no face, no voice, no concrete personal experiences to which I can attribute a father role. All I was given are Bible stories. To me, God is the Creator who requires a level of obedience in order to be on his heaven list. I respect HIS intricate handiwork which can be magnificent – take a moment to look at a perfectly crafted baby or a sunset. I respect HIS desire for his human creations to show love to each other at all times. However, feeling a sense of emotional love, which is required, is difficult. It’s the equivalent of falling madly in love with some guy whom I have never seen or heard but only received letters about his life as inspired by others. Love in the face of pure absence is HIS plan not mine.

I do believe that we are either playing God’s game, the devil’s game or a mixture of both. If I had my say, then I would prefer just God’s game – the one where he wants all to experience no more tears or death. Unfortunately, there is a sourpuss running around mucking things up (Peter did say that the devil is like a roaring lion seeking those he can devour). There is no such thing as our game or true free will. We play a part that is already controlled by one party or the other (yikes, it’s starting to sound like the Matrix).

The world is chaotic which is nothing new and the Christians are still preaching the signs of the times. Actually, they have been preaching it since ages past. Everyone seem to think they have deciphered the mind of God. Each religion and each branch of every religion seem to believe they cornered God’s absolute truth. They are so sure they speak the will of God whether in showing kindness or atrocities. If you step back far enough, one can see that the same ‘play’ has been used over and over since the dawn of time. Its HIS plan not ours.

It is still HIS plan whether we like it or not. It is his plan whether we pray or not, whether we believe or not, and whether we are on the good or the bad side. Despite my tenuous relationship with God, I don’t ever forget that he exists (that is my faith) and I will certainly never forget that HE is in full control no matter what happens or what we think we want.

NOTE: I did not add any scriptures because I do believe most Christians have scoured their Bibles and have read the references. However, if anyone do need chapter and verse, then I will be happy to supply.


3 thoughts on “God’s Plans Are His Not Mine

  1. Gods ultimate plan and will for us is that we would know him. Loving him and sharing the gospel happen naturally when we know him. – let me share a bit about my background… I was once told that my sole purpose in life was to share the gospel. This never sat well with me. I struggled to understand the point of life. I believed God existed… But did not understand why I existed… And a mission of sharing the news that God exists did not fulfill that purpose for me. It left me with a master and servant relationship … Empty… Cold… Obedience was all that our relationship was about… If you could even call it a relationship. Needless to say that type of relationship doesn’t last nor is it worth much. It didn’t explain or increase the purpose of my existence anymore than if I was told I was a robot who happened to have free will but I had better make the right choice, or else… So the relationship ended or at least I didn’t bother with it. Eventually I made choices and experienced the consequences of them as most adolescents do 😉 but this brought me to a point where I questioned myself and what I believed. I knew I believed in God but I didn’t believe what I’d been taught about my relationship with him. I kept coming back to the verse where they ask Jesus what the greatest commandment is ( Matthew 22:35-37- never had it memorized def had to look it up haha) but it’s to love God with all you have. So here I see that life is about loving God. Period. But even more and better than that is it’s about BEING LOVED BY HIM! I don’t ever expect anyone to love God without being loved by him first. How could they?(1 john 4:19- we love because he first lived us) Like you said he is absent…. We live in a busy chaotic world. We find what we want instantly. I believe with all that I am that if you are searching for something you will find it- good or bad… The word of God says it too- in several places here is one- that if we seek him with all of our hearts he will be found. ( Jeremiah 29:11-14) for some it is instantaneous for others it may take some time to tune our eyes and ears and minds to seeing or hearing the things this seemingly way off yonder god is attempting to share with us. Remember how Gods voice came as a gentle whisper to Elijah- easy to miss in a loud and busy world. Easy to miss for even Elijah… ( again had to look it up it’s 1 Kings 19:11-14). So it seems to say then that if we seek and listen or are looking for God we will find him. Naturally then he is good and we will love him once we meet him or get to know him. ( I would say the more I get to know about God/Jesus the more I love him.) ( also god is far off and hard to know let alone love, but jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the father… John 14:9 so if I can see more of Jesus I can see god.) BUT HOW DO I KNOW THATS GODS WILL? – for me to know him??

    One of the most passionate prayers that Jesus prayed. John 17:20-23

    20 “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, 21 that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, 23 I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me. ”

    He is saying he is one with God and wants for us to be one with him and God… He wants us to be able to experience all that he experiences with God. ( this is what the sermon was about this evening. First time I ever thought about it like that) it confirms that my inclination that life is about being loved by God and experiencing his amazingness is correct… Everything else and anything else anyone preaches comes after this most basic most beautiful and intimate relationship with our creator. That is our purpose…. To be loved by God. Everything else falls into place when we know that. (Matthew 6:33)

    I appreciate your posts they are real and nothing more and nothing less than your mind and heart being shared with the world. A priceless thing indeed. I write all of this not to impose or to push but simply to share my mind and heart as well in hopes that you and others would find pure joy in life that comes from knowing a god who loves beyond my comprehension and desires nothing more of me than to accept his love and get to know him. My obedience does not determine my destiny… There aren’t enough good deeds in the world to make me comparable to a good God like him… But I am righteous because I am in Jesus Christ. Who fulfilled the law that the consequence of sin is death. It was to be my death eternally.but instead he died and rose again so I could be pardoned. I obey not because I have to to win but because I want to because he first loved me.

    That is all. 🙂 it’s long but it’s me… I couldn’t have promised anything less.

    1. 🙂 Yes it was a long post but very appreciated Abby. Thank you for your honest view of God. I know I am still searching even after growing up in the church. I do value those who have made a clearer discovery of God and his love than I have at this point in my life. As stubborn as I can be about questioning all things religious, I do find it refreshing to be able to get a glimpse of God through someone else’s less cloudy eyes.
      I like this piece especially “That is our purpose…. To be loved by God. Everything else falls into place when we know that. (Matthew 6:33).” I do tend to forget that it is primarily about God’s work in my life vs my attempt at control.
      Thank you Abby for comment.

  2. God certainly does have plans for us, and they revolve around makings us more like Jesus, spreading His kingdom in this world, and showing His love to those around us. That may sound simplistic, but how it works out in our lives is usually far from simple. God’s plans for us can also be WAY past aggravating, because what we think is best for us and what He thinks is best for us are often very different.

    I have been living where I am for almost two years, and I moved here because I got married and my wife lived in this area. She flew the coop just a month later, leaving me stranded. God had a lot of work for me to do – on me, and He couldn’t get my undivided attention until He removed me from my normal comfort-zone. Yes, He is still working on me, but He has given me another assignment which I wouldn’t have been able to do with a wife in tow. Being a married-single still isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t the way I want to spend the rest of my life, because having another romantic or love interest is out of the question for now.

    My current long-term assignment is my neighbor-gal, who has a list of health-problems as long as my arm. She has had several hospitalizations, several ER visits, four surgeries, including three back surgeries and gallbladder surgery, all since the first of this year. I am getting to know Celebration Hospital almost as well as the staff. I had hoped for a quiet afternoon and evening, but she called at just before 5:00 PM wanting me to come over because she was dizzy and couldn’t make sense of what was going on with her. I was able to break away to fix myself some supper, and then at 6:00 PM, she texted me asking if I would take her to the pharmacy. That trip took almost two hours. So much for a quiet evening.

    God hasn’t done anything quite as dramatic as what He did to the Apostle Paul to get his attention, and I have never answered my phone to God being on the other end of the line, but His calls have been just as effective. Whether it is a phone-call, text-message, email, or even a Facebook message, they have all been very clear – God has work for me to do. He has someone He wants me to be His hands, feet and voice to spread His kingdom and show His love to.

    Are we willing to pray “Thy kingdom come, They will be done” with sincerity and the eager desire to be used by Him for His purposes? God is looking for willing partners, and even when isn’t easy or makes us uncomfortable, we will reap a blessing that nobody can take from us. Yes, God DOES have plans for us, but we need to be willing to make His plans our plans.

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