Declaring God Under Fire

I have been known to wake up from odd dreams every now and again. This morning was one such situation. Besides it being annoying to have my sleep disturbed, the dreams usually put me in a state of great contemplation about my life existence.

This dream in question had a religious focus. In the dream, I was in a bedroom with my older sister and we are awake in a dark room after hearing a noise. I move to lock two doors and we listen intently for something going on outside the bedroom. There is a sense of life threatening fear and in the dream, I realize that this threat was due to religion – more specifically it was our Christian belief. Apparently, we try to secure ourselves from Billy Graham who is wearing an old nazi era German uniform.

The scene jumps to me walking alone downhill on a long road and I pass an abandon car on the side with a man who looks like Denzel Washington slumped over the dash with a bullet in his head. I pass the vehicle only to see Denzel getting up to talk to me – he was pretending to be dead.  He is telling me that people were being separated and he made his escape. The dream implies Denzel and I share the same Christian belief. We see a group of 3 average women with rifles coming and we hide but not very well. The women ask us about the location of a specific person in which I vaguely answer and one woman informs us that we need to be careful and then I wake up.

My dreams are most often weird but I can usually remember a specific theme. In this dream, there is a religious persecution theme much like Hitler to the Jews. I typically wake up thinking about my spirituality and relationship with God. I could not help but think that if my life was in danger due to my belief would I deny God?

It is so easy to be a devoted Christian during times of peace. However, would that be the same if my life depended on it? Would I be one of those denying Christ just like Peter when I am under duress? We would all like to think we are the exception to the rule; however, I can truly say that I do not know what my answer would be if faced with religious persecution.

The idea of death can be very scary even for a devoted Christian. We value life so much despite having a steadfast belief that there are better things to embrace with God. I can admit to being a religious scaredy cat when it comes to death. I think the fear of death, even with a promise of paradise, comes from our value we place on this world. I think there is an underlying belief that if we are no longer present in the world we will be missing a whole lot of stuff.

The other side effect to the religious dreams is a quick overview of my daily value in life. While we still have to live in this world, the Bible does tell us to focus on things above. Such dreams usually call into question the frivolousness of my ‘important stuff’ that does not seem to have much value in comparison to what God is offering. The dreams are usually an intermittent reminder that there is a greater force in charge and I need to get my relationship with God in order.

For every one of my random religious dreams, there are many people in different parts of the world who are forced to choose due to their Christian allegiance. I do not know the true meaning of religious persecution; however, many others at this moment can attest to it or have lost their lives for it. I feel blessed to have religious liberty; however, it does behoove us to really ask ourselves the question of what would we do if our lives depend on acknowledging or deny our relationship with the Christian God.


5 thoughts on “Declaring God Under Fire

  1. One unique aspect of the Christian faith is that its Founder showed resurrection as the way to conquer. The victory of resurrection requires death. Jesus led the way for our attitude about persecution by showing us how to die. Death is inevitable for all, but submitting to the injustice of the Cross can be a choice. The ancient monks, in order to intensify their spiritual and practical devotion in life, meditated daily on the day of their death. In the face of persecution, it might seem super-human for us to lay down our lives, without taking up the sword. But the Holy Spirit empowers our choices of self-denying death. There’s more spiritual power in following Christ in that kind of death than laying down our lives to preserve a temporary political ideal. We are preparing for an eternal kingdom, a destiny of reigning beside the One who bought restoration for the entire creation by His blood. This is why the martyrs of old gloried in dying, without resistance, for their King. “Prepare to die” is good advice for us all.

    1. I agree with you; however, in this day and age such a message of martyrdom is not preached at all. Death is almost a scary thing even in the Christian community. I do believe if/when we are faced with such a decision many will hesitate.

  2. Change is coming to America, but for Christians, it isn’t going to be good. We may only be a few years before we start seeing the kinds of persecution our brothers and sisters are already enduring in the Middle East and Africa.

    I had a conversation a few days ago with a pastor who is also a blogger, and we discussed whether we are ready, willing and able to defend, with weapons, our churches and those in our church communities. We both see that as a real possibility, defend or die, in the not too distant future.

    We also need to settle in our own hearts whether we are really ready to give our whole life to God and trust Him with the outcome. We should view death, not as an exit-ramp from this life, but as the entrance-ramp into eternity, but do we? I think I am ready, but when the gun is pointed at my head, will I be? Peter was crucified upside-down…


    1. Steve,
      Our culture definitely values life and the here and now; while other cultures value the after life which makes it easier for them to give up their lives for their causes. Christianity teaches about heaven but there is no emphasis on the ‘what will you do if you have to give up your life for your belief.’ There is always threats against religious freedom and they starts with small things

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