Happy 2015! What to do?

Happy new year to my blog followers. I do appreciate your audience to the unconventional craziness that runs through my mind. I wish God’s blessings on you all. Every new year I do the same thing. I typically say a prayer of thanks and hope for a blessed year. I am not a new year resolution person because I think such things are pointless. However, I do make up goals as the days progress or as I see fit.

My friend asked me what will be different this year. I truly had to think long and hard about that. I treat the new year the same way I treat my birthday – It’s just another day that will pass in which I am blessed to be alive. However, in the spirit of friendship and conversation, I scrounged up a few things.

Here goes my tentative plans for 2015:

There is a potential major change coming in my life and with it I am hoping to tweak a few things.

I am planning to become more involved in a social life again. I have my cyclical period in which I am out and about and then other times when I am totally isolating and being an home bound lazy bum. I am in the home bound lazy bum period which means it’s time for a 180 (after the weather gets warmer).

I was asked if I wanted to date more this year. I am not a fan of dating so the answer was no. However, with the intent on being more social, I am open to meeting people of the opposite sex with the potential for … (only God knows).

I am determined to fit comfortably in my favourite jeans again and tone my body. The fat creep around my waist and upper body is unacceptable. So, decreasing my large portion food intake in combo with exercising will be an ongoing vigilance. ” According to Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, family physician and assistant professor at the University of Ottawa, “Our best evidence identifies regular exercise, a good night’s sleep, and plenty of sex as our best bets at increasing our muscle-building hormone king (aka testosterone). Try and “get some” every night. ”  🙂  Exercise – check, good night’s sleep – all depends, plenty of sex – ROFL. I think I can accomplish 1 1/2 out of 3. It’s a good start to fitting into my fav. jeans.

Minimize some bad habits I have indulged in that are adding to the barrier between me and God. This one will be the challenge of the year. Being ‘bad’ can feel so good at times which makes behavior change hard.

Quit cursing, it’s unladylike. I remember years ago when the f-word was foreign to my ears.  Now, I use it occasionally and ‘shit’ is a staple in my vocabulary.

Initiate contact with friends. As an introvert, I tend to withdraw from others into my solitary comfort zone. However, there are people in my life who have been there for years and I do not initiate contact with them. My goal is to nurture those friendships because they do mean a lot to me.

Dance more. I grew up dancing. It’s a natural part of my life; however, I notice that I had stopped. Dance more doesn’t necessarily mean dance parties; it just means putting on the music at home and dancing. It doubles as great exercise too!

Continue to honour my parents. I have been doing an intermittently crappy job with being a good daughter. I do believe it is my duty (biblical or not) to assist my parents due to their elderly nature. While what I want to offer is not the same as what I can offer, it is still my responsibility to do my best.

Blogging frequency may drop. I am running out of interesting controversial Christians-don’t-talk-about materials to ramble on about. If you have ideas, send me a line.

There it is. Those are some of the things to address in the coming year – God willing.


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