Grey – The Irrational Fear of Looking Older Than 25

Natural Grey Hair – The beauty critics semi-obsession in which to yet again criticize women and diminish their self-image/esteem. Grey Hair… oh the horror!!!!

It is very obvious that women are held to very different standards than men. Every day it is a new body image issue in which to become obsessed. In the past and present, women have been negatively criticized for an array of things to include wearing pants suits because it’s unfeminine, working women do not make good mothers and devoted wives, too fat, too skinny, we need larger breasts, buns, lips and top them off with a thigh gap (this one still baffles me). Short hair is too butch; on the other hand, long hair on older women is a no-no, curly hair is too wild, being assertive means they are bitches and not being married with children means they are selfish. Surely, there is nothing left to pick at right?

Wrong, now women are told to be ashamed of the natural change in the pigment of their hair. Debunk primary myth: Going grey does not mean getting old because there are many people who are prematurely grey in their young lives. However, due to the stigma of grey hair being equated to “granny,” many women have resorted to spending quite a bit of money and time to choose any hair colour except grey. It’s almost like an irrational fear of women aging past 25.

My grey journey started from birth. I was born with a grey strand in the middle of my head. As I was growing up, people who noticed it either wanted to pluck it out because it signified that I would grey early or they thought it brought luck. Well, the first view was right. I did grey early – started during my mid 20’s when more random strands started popping up. At the age of 39, I have noticeable salt and pepper hair with a cluster of grey hair concentration in the front. I can proudly say that I have joined the Women’s Sexy Silver Fox Club (WSSFC). 🙂

While scouring the internet, I noticed that other women have been given negative unsolicited comments about their decision to sport their natural silver; however, I have yet to encounter such impudence. A lesson I learnt long ago was, as a woman, I have to find my strength, develop a strong self-esteem and positive self-image from within instead of depending on validation from others. While I have no issues with women who choose to colour their greys, I do find it sad when some women put themselves through the frequent hide-the-grey torture because they are afraid of what others may think of their natural hair colour. They are afraid that people will think they are “old” and have “let themselves go.” Pure nonsense!

Fear and propaganda are good tools to keep people in line. For me, at 39, I am not old but definitely older and I am in much better physical shape than a number of the people who want to criticize. God gave me one body and I intent to care for it, without fear and loathing, the best way possible with greys and all. The grey hair shaming is nothing more than people who want to instill their own ideas of a woman’s beauty. Sadly, other women lead the way in the shame/fear attacks. If it were up to the objectors, most women would be 25 y/o Stepford wives.

Note: A 75 y/o with jet black hair is as ridiculous a reality as the Kardashian sisters’ derrières are naturally the size of the Goodyear Blimp – you are not fooling anyone but yourself. You are not 25! (for the last 20 years).

The issue with grey hair (and all body criticism) is so much more than the way a woman looks but it hits at the heart of a woman’s identify and self-esteem. Here is the bottom line, if you want to control others, then implant a negative message which will weaken their self-esteem and cause damage to their confidence. Wala!! You will have people susceptible to any and everything. Despite the attempted brainwashing that we grey-haired beauties are unkept hags because of hair pigment, many women of varying ages and races are embracing and joining the WSSFC. They are fighting back with the awareness that being a woman is so much more than appearance. They are bringing the sexy back to silver hair, strengthening their identity, improving self-image and redefining beauty on their terms.

Cheers to the Women’s Sexy Silver Fox Club


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