Is Jesus Enough?

A poster asked the question? Is Jesus enough? If Jesus is enough, then why are Christians so eager to get married? My response is that Jesus is never enough. You may be aware of the saying that all you need is Jesus. However, if we are to be truly honest, then that statement gets thrown out with the bathwater.

So, let me start my ‘blasphemous’ observations. If you are on social media, it can become littered with good intentioned Christians who frequently post ‘all you need is Jesus’ or ‘leave it all up to Jesus’ inspirations. While I enjoy reading them and they serve as a great pick-me-up, they are lacking in the harsh reality of being a Christian. For example, someone posted an inspiration gone wrong stating “Somebody is in the hospital right now begging God for the opportunity you have. Don’t you dare go to bed depressed. Shake it off!” The response was overwhelmingly negative because there were a number of people who are suffering from clinically diagnosed depression who could not just “shake it off” in Jesus’ name. Interestingly, the poster did not clarify or addressed the backlash.

If Jesus or God was enough, then our lives would mirror those of monks, priests and the John the Baptists types. We would be like the ravens that do not worry for food, shelter, companionship or producing off-springs. We would be truly free from all the cares of the world and spending all our time in full and complete devotion to God and spreading his word. However, if you look at our lives we are so far from the “Jesus is enough” concept.

The truth is we like the idea of sprouting that phrase but in true reality we neither desire nor can live to that standard. Christians get married because they want to feel loved and share in companionship. Christians have children because they want to pass on their love, have a human to own and care for, to pass on their legacy and expand their family. Christians maintain close contact with family and friends to build support. Christians touch, hug and make physical contact with others to feel human interactions. Christian couples show intimacy just because it feels good. Christians work for and buy nice things to have a sense of accomplishment and enjoy various comforts from their labour. In other words, we have wants and needs that the love or belief in Jesus is not always able to fill and there is nothing wrong with accepting that fact. There is little that we do in our day to day lives that has anything to do with spreading Christianity and  belief in God.

Believing in God relates to a guideline on how we are to worship the creator and use of the Christian best practice guide in our daily lives. The Bible teachings of God was not meant to be a replacement of living in this world. It is to help us survive emotionally and spiritually in this world. Jesus will never be enough for majority of the people who believe in Christianity. Our human nature requires more than reading daily scriptures, having faith in the unseen, praying to a God we can’t see, feel, hear (his own voice) or touch, or going to church. Besides John the Baptist, none of the Bible characters went through their lives in complete religious isolation. They had families, friends, disciples, lives and a belief in God.

God should be a part of our lives not some improbable idea that he should be exclusive in our lives. If, as a Christian, that exclusivity is your calling, then God bless you. On the other hand, most of those ‘Jesus is all you need’ inspiration quotes are just empty gestures to make you feel good for a moment but not a realistic endeavor. We become so pious that we forget to make Christianity realistic to our every day stressors. Instead of some generic quote, how about a true testimony of one’s struggles and how the belief in God applies. Being a Christian is not a straightforward or smooth journey, some days you feel close to God as if he was there in person and other days you struggle to understand why you believe.

No, for me, Jesus is not enough while living on this earth. In the past, as preachers would emphasize this, I struggled greatly to live to that concept. There was a certain amount of guilt with not being able to fit neatly into this idea. I finally gave it up and accepted the fact that in my reality it does not work. As Christians, we sketch our own journey in life while holding on to a belief that there is a God who cares.


6 thoughts on “Is Jesus Enough?

  1. I think I disagree a teensy bit. I don’t think that Jesus is everything, as you so rightfully pointed out. Nothing in life is or can provide everything. Even Jesus Himself needed other people, if for nothing else than to hang Him on the cross and put Him in a tomb.

    But He is enough. He is our Great Provider, Future Husband, Coming King, Righteous Judge, Defender, Savior, etc. He is the greatest gift that God could have ever given. If that’s not enough, then maybe we’re looking for the wrong things.

    1. Chazzasd, I think it’s semantics and I should have clarified the post a little more. In the context of spirituality, Jesus is everything. However, in the matter of everyday living we all need more.

  2. Actually this belief that “Jesus is enough” goes back to the early days of the church when Gnosticism and Asceticism invaded the church. Their belief that anything “material”, including our bodies and their functions, was inherently-evil led to both “anti-marriage” and “anti-sex” dogma getting ingrained in the church. Those early church fathers taught that if a couple did get married, and even that was undesirable, that the only “legitimate” use for sex was for procreation and all other sex was “sinful”.

    Even though parts of the church recognize the desire to be married as legitimate and married-sex to be “okay”, the Catholic church still forbids their priests and nuns to marry. Speaking, teaching and preaching about sex in the church is still largely taboo, which was what led me to write “Sex…Holy-Pursuit – or Guilty-Pleasure?”.

    God is the Creator of our bodies, including our sexual-parts, and the architect of our sexuality, and it was God who ordained marriage, so to teach that marriage and sex are “bad” is an affront to God Himself.


  3. We must start back in the Garden of Eden for answer to that question. Even though Adam had perfect fellowship with God, it was God who said “It is not good for the man to be alone”. Adam could not fulfill the creation-mandate, “Be fruitful and multiply” alone, and God created us with both the need and the desire for human companionship. That is an integral part of our humanity.

    While Jesus, John the Baptist, and Apostle Paul remained unmarried, God never intended singleness to be the norm. It has always been a rare exception for those for who are gifted that way. When Paul gave us the qualifications for elders and deacons in 1 Timothy 3, being married was part of the overall package.

    Only God, through Jesus Christ, can fulfill our deepest spiritual needs, but He created us to want and need human companionship. It is both “holy” and “good” to desire to be married.


    1. I agree Steve. I think sometimes Christians get so caught up in the idea of being good Christian they create grief for themselves which was not what the Bible intended.

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